Hope Scholarships

Roc Nation Hope Scholarships to support a debt free education for 25% of enrolled students

Hope Scholarships are for talented, high-need students who will have access to a high-quality education at a national teaching and research institution that provides them:

  • No Debt Upon Graduation
    - funded through LIU Scholarships, State/Federal Grants and Philanthropy
  • Personal Mentorship
    - receive support from success coaches and prominent alumni in your field
  • Enrichment Activities
    - pursue educational passions through the many benefits of living in New York
  • Community Engagement
    - supplement your learning through service opportunities on campus and in the area
  • Career and Internship Connections
    - meet global leaders and industry executives in New York
  • Research Collaboration
    - contribute toward meaningful, cutting-edge discovery
Entrance Guidelines
  • Competitive Academics
  • First Time Freshmen
Continuing Criteria
  • Maintain 3.0 GPA
  • Complete 30 credits per year

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