Handicapped Parking Policy

Handicapped Parking Parking spaces clearly marked with the blue lines are restricted to students, faculty, staff and visitors with disabilities, and those with temporary disabilities who are entitled to barrier-free access as specified in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and who have a DOT approved permit (i.e., tag, special plates). People with disabilities may apply for a handicapped parking sticker through his/her village or town of residence. This permit will be valid in specially designated Handicapped parking areas. All students must also have a LIU Post student parking sticker.

Students, faculty and staff who have a DOT approved permit are also asked to inform Public Safety about their DOT permit while registering their vehicle at LIU Post.

Students with medically verifiable disabilities, the nature of which does not qualify for Handicapped parking privileges, may apply for a Temporary Parking Permit at the Medical Services located in Life Science/Pall Hall. This permit is valid in Faculty/Staff parking areas and NON-HANDICAPPED spots only.

All vehicles are prohibited from parking in the blue-striped areas adjacent to parking spaces designated for individuals with disabilities.

Not all persons who need disabled parking need van accessible spaces. Whenever possible, please be mindful and use a standard accessible space. This will allow those who require the use of a designated van accessible space adequate access to those spaces.

Misuse of Parking Permits or Plates

It is a serious misuse of license plates and permits for the disabled when someone other than a person with a disability uses the plates and permits to park in a space reserved for people with disabilities. These plates and permits are valid only when the person with a disability who received the plates and permit is driving the vehicle or is a passenger in it.

If you misuse plates or a parking permit, or allow someone else to use them, the Department of Public Safety will immediately notify the Department of Motor Vehicles of misuse of plate. State law requires every city, town and village to appoint an agent (usually the city, town or village clerk) to issue parking permits for people with disabilities. The locality that issues the parking permit will be notified of the abuse of the parking permit. Upon request by that locality, the Department of Public Safety may confiscate parking permit and forward the parking permit to the issuing locality.

Vehicles that are parked in disabled parking spaces and do not have the authorized disability plate or parking permit or are not the authorized person of the disability plate or parking permit, are subject to ticketing and towing.

Please remember that reserved parking is for people with disabilities and is a legal requirement, not just a courtesy. Do not allow others to misuse your plates or parking permits.

Towing Information

Any illegally parked car in a disabled parking space will be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense. Cars will be towed by Charles Schmidt & Sons, located at 1061 Northern Blvd., Roslyn, 516-627-7630. Towing fees are at a minimum of $120.00, but are solely determined by Charles Schmidt & Sons, and subject to change at any time. Violators will also be responsible for ticketing fine issued by the Department of Public Safety and/or local police.

  • Administration / Winnick House
    2 spots on the north side and 1 spot on the east side

  • Brookville Residence Hall
    6 spots on the southeast side

  • Facilities Services
    2 spots on the northeast side of parking area (by entrance)

  • Fine Arts Center
    3 Spots by the front path (south side of building)

  • Hillwood Commons
    9 spots on the south side

  • Hoxie Hall
    4 spots on the north side

  • Humanities Hall
    12 spots on the south side

  • Interfaith Center
    2 spots on the north side

  • Kahn Discovery Center
    4 spots on the west side

  • Kings Residence Hall
    3 spots on the north side of building (back parking lot)

  • Library (B. Davis Schwartz Memorial)
    2 spots on the north east corner (can also use Theatre/Film spots)

  • Life Science
    5 spots on north side (by the guard booth)

  • Little Theatre
    2 spots in front of box office entrance (south side)

  • Lodge A Residence Hall
    3 spots

  • Lorber Hall
    10 spots outside of the main entrance; you must drive beyond the general parking area

  • Post Residence Hall
    5 spots on the south side

  • Pratt Recreation Center
    8 spots on the northeast side, 2 spots in front of main door and 8 spots on the northwest side

  • Public Safety
    2 spots on the northeast side of parking area (by entrance)

  • Riggs Residence Hall
    5 spots on the southeast side

  • Roth Hall
    2 spots on the north side

  • South Residence Halls - (Yellow, Blue)
    3 spots on the south side

  • Suffolk Residence Hall
    2 spots in the northern parking lot (2 levels lower)

  • Theatre, Film and Dance Building
    8 spots on the north side

  • Tilles Center
    4 spots on the west side and 4 spots on the south side

  • Winnick Student Center
    6 spots on the south side of building entrance

A campus map showing the location of each of these parking areas can be found in the Handbook for Students with Disabilities.

Brooklyn Campus
1 University Plaza
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Post Campus
720 Northern Blvd.
Brookville, NY 11548

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