PharmD/MS Shared Credit Programs


P-3 students can choose graduate-level courses for electives as part of a Pharm.D. – Master’s degree shared credit program. This cost-effective option allows our Pharm.D. students to earn a Master’s degree a year or more sooner than would be the case if the degrees were earned back-to-back. The Pharm.D. – Master’s graduate will be more versatile and thus more job-competitive with this extra credential, with a built-in second career path as an option. The Pharm.D. degree is received on schedule, after the P-4 year. The Master’s degree is either received at the same time (4-year plan) or a year later (5-year plan). The 4-year plan is more cost-effective, but quite rigorous; the student is taking 21 credit hours for certain semesters, plus graduate-level electives at the same time as the APPE rotations. Only Pharm.D. students with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher can access the 4-year plan. The 5-year plan allows for a normal courseload, and is recommended.

Pharm.D. & M.S. Artificial Intelligence

Pharm.D. & M.S. Drug Regulatory Affairs

Pharm.D. & M.S. Pharmacy Administration

Pharm.D. & M.S. Pharmaceutics – Cosmetic Science

Pharm.D. & M.S. Pharmaceutics – Industrial Pharmacy

To decide if the shared credit Pharm.D. – Master’s degree option is right for you, please meet with the Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Affairs. For more insight on which Master’s program to choose, please meet with the Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Programs. For more details click on each program link above.


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