What are Educators Saying


Sanford Inspire

"Our collaboration with LIU and Sanford Inspire has sparked a renewed passion in our teacher leaders to further develop their practices, better understand their students’ obstacles to learning, and work collaboratively to plan interdisciplinary learning experiences. We are truly grateful for this amazing opportunity to impact our school communities." — Michael Prayor, Superintendent
"I would like to thank LIU for all that the university provided to the teachers of my superintendency. What a great opportunity for them to be out of their high schools and on a college campus to hear and discuss new ideas about teaching and learning." — Karen Watts, Superintendent
"The collaboration with people of different content areas was beneficial, most especially during our discussions when similar limitations were uncovered and solutions for methods we did not previously use were found." — Teacher, Grades 9 through 12
"I am looking forward to applying literacy skills in my math classes. The group activity with ELA teachers gave me insight to strategies I can use to help my students decode the text in the problem." — Teacher, Grade 9
"I enjoyed working in groups during the “Embedding Literacy” section of the presentations. I was able to make connections with other teacher leaders and use shared classroom strategies." — Teacher, Grade 9