Key Features


Key Features

Inspiring, Research-Based Teaching Methodologies.
Professional Development opportunities are available to individual teachers, schools, districts, and schools of education. There is a focus on five domains: Learning environment, Planning and Delivery, Motivation, Student Growth and Achievement, and Professional Practices.

On-Demand Modules.
Accessible, online resources allow for immediate implementation in the PreK-12 classroom. Topic examples: "Giving Clear Directions for a Task," "The Physical Environment of Your Classroom," and "Integrating Physical Activity into an Academic Lesson Plan." Modules are accessible to teachers at no cost here.

A Nationwide Exchange.
Opportunities to exchange “best practices” of inspiring teaching with Sanford Education Collaborative partner universities across the nation.

Ongoing Research and Assessment.
Research focused on inspiring teaching is currently being conducted in coordination with participating Schools of Education and PreK-12 schools and NYU’s Center for Research on Higher Education Outcomes.