Sanford Inspire


Sanford Inspire

Sanford Inspire envisions an education system where inspired teaching represents the norm for all learning environments, and where teacher and schools consider inspired learning a core purpose rather than an incidental outcome. Our commitment to achieving this goal manifests itself through highly effective educator preparation programs, meaningful professional learning opportunities for in-service educators, and high-quality resources for all. These resources can be accessed here.

Sanford Inspire is designed to develop educators who have outstanding instructional skills and the ability to provide student-centered, caring environments where all students achieve their dreams.

  • Model ethical practices to ensure the success of every learner within the classroom and community
  • Enhance deeper learning by connecting knowledge to every learner’s lived experiences, interests, and cultural, ethnic, and racial factors
  • Engage all learners in the passionate pursuit of knowledge and the achievement of high academic standards through exceptional instructional approaches
  • Create and maintain learning environments that foster learners’ physical, cognitive, emotional, aesthetic, and social well-being
  • Establish a culture of caring and respect that supports academic and personal success through rapport among learners, their families, and communities
  • Preserve dignity for all by creating learning communities where all learners feel welcomed and valued