Key Features


Key Features

Sanford Harmony provides teachers with a toolkit of resources, including storybooks, lesson plans, games and Quick Connection cards.

  • Grade Level Lessons and Activities Book
  • Everyday Practices Meet Up and Buddy Up Guide
  • Quick Connection Cards: discussion and activity prompts for Meet Up and Buddy Up
  • Pre-K – 2nd Grade Storybooks
  • Pre-K – 2nd Buddy Time Sing Along
  • Pre-K – K Plush Z
  • 3-6 Grade Games
  • Access to online instructional videos and tutorials
Examples of Activities

Meet Up helps build supportive classroom communities where students feel connected, comfortable and ready to learn. During Meet Up, students and teachers meet in a circle to greet one another, share ideas and experiences, monitor classroom Harmony goals, solve problems, and participate in team building activities.

Buddy Up is designed to bring together diverse students who otherwise might not interact with one another. During Buddy Up, students engage in discussions or activities as well as teacher-designed activities or projects connected to curricular areas. By pairing different peers each week, Buddy Up enhances connection, shared motivation and social responsibility toward one another.

Storybooks (PreK-2) feature Z, a lovable friend from outer space. Through the stories, children learn what it means to appreciate similarities, and embrace differences – encouraging mutual respect. Z helps introduce relationship-building concepts in a way young children can understand and relate to, providing a foundation for exploring key relationship concepts.

For more information about materials and resources, please visit the Sanford Harmony website.