Sanford Harmony


Sanford Harmony

Building Healthy Relationships One Classroom at a Time

Sanford Harmony provides teachers with tools to effectively promote social-emotional development among Pre-K-6th-grade students; exercises and activities emphasize communication, empathy, critical thinking, collaboration, and problem solving skills. By learning to understand and engage effectively with one another at an early age, children are more able to minimize future conflicts and misunderstandings. Sanford Harmony is available to schools and nonprofit organizations at no cost.

Value of Sanford Harmony

Grounded in Research.
Sanford Harmony was developed by researchers at Arizona State University. Preliminary studies suggest a correlation between Sanford Harmony and increased empathy, school enjoyment and achievement in math and reading, as well as decreased stereotyping and bullying/aggression.

Easy to Integrate.
Sanford Harmony strategies and lessons fit into existing classroom procedures (e.g., circle time/morning meeting, turn and talk/partner work) and align with the Common Core, enhancing listening, language and executive functioning. Teachers are able to spend more time enhancing learning and less time managing problem behavior.

Every teacher/counselor receives a grade-specific kit containing necessary materials (i.e., read alouds, lesson plans and relationship-building activities). Teachers are free to use these strategies as they see fit, adding their creative touches whenever/wherever possible.

Ongoing Support.
Regional Ambassadors are available to support Harmony teachers. Additionally, the Harmony website features a wealth of information including online training, video tutorials, best practices, and teacher feedback.

Materials, training and support are underwritten by the program’s benefactor T. Denny Sanford, National University and anonymous donors. Because of their generosity, there is no cost to schools.

“Building Healthy Relationships One Classroom at a Time”

“Sanford Harmony supports the great work being done by the education and nonprofit sectors, providing opportunities to touch even more children’s lives and creating a legacy for future generations. We’re turning a dream of mine into a reality, and you’re going to take it forward and change the world.”
T. Denny Sanford
Entrepreneur and Philanthropist