Public Safety

Vehicle Access and Traffic Safety

Vehicle Access

Vehicular traffic flow onto campus is restricted at approximately midnight every night when the Public Safety Officers close the East Campus gates and reopens at 5:00am.

In addition, patrol units, which operate 24 hours a day, are available to apprehend and escort away any intruders entering campus on foot. Trespassers are taken into custody and detained for police action.

Traffic Safety

In an effort to provide the highest level of safety and security within the Campus community, member's cooperation is needed when parking their vehicles. Park only in those areas authorized. In addition, members vehicles must be parked only in designated parking stalls within their prescribed areas. Failure to do so could hinder access and delay response of emergency vehicles (ambulances, police, fire, etc.) to potentially critical situations. All vehicles parking on campus must be registered with the Department of Public Safety. Campus member's vehicles can be registered at the Department office free of charge at anytime. The department will also provide members with a campus map indicating all parking areas and the location of the blue light emergency phones, as well as a complete copy of our campus vehicle regulations. In addition, while traversing the campus roadways and parking areas, members are urged to exercise due care in the operation of their vehicles, paying particular attention to posted speed limits and other traffic control devices. Voluntary compliance to the above regulations will help to ensure a more orderly and safe environment for the entire campus community.

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