Emergency Sirens

C.W. Post Campus Emergency SirensThe LIU Post has an outdoor warning system to alert students, faculty, staff and visitors in the event of an emergency or threat to public safety. The outdoor sirens and loudspeakers are activated during a potentially life-threatening event such as weather-related emergencies or a hazardous materials spill from a traffic accident. Following a series of tones, the system will issue an audio message informing students, faculty, staff and visitors about the situation and the best course of action (i.e. evacuate, seek shelter, close windows and doors).

The system is designed to most effectively communicate with people who are outdoors such as students playing on our athletic fields or walking from one classroom building to another or visitors attending events at the campus.

When Will the Outdoor Sirens/Loudspeakers Sound?

The loudspeakers will only sound during a life-threatening emergency or a test. Scenarios are:

  • A major chemical spill or hazard
  • Severe weather-related incident (example: A tornado sighting in the area)
  • Armed and dangerous person on or near campus
  • Evacuations

The loudspeakers will sound a series of tones, following by a brief audio message with instructions.

What To Do

Be prepared to:

  • "Shelter in Place" - Seek shelter inside now until further notice
  • Close windows and doors
  • Evacuate (could include evacuating fields or a building)
All Clear

When authorities determine that the emergency has concluded, an "all-clear" message will be issued and you can resume your normal activities. The timing will depend on how fast emergency responders can determine that a threat is over.

Siren Locations

The sirens are located in the following areas of the campus to provide maximum audio coverage:

  • South-east corner of the Men's Soccer Field (near the Equestrian Center)
  • Tilles Center roof - south and north sides
  • Brookville Hall (covers residence hall area)
  • Sculpture Building parking lot (to cover South Campus)

The emergency broadcast system reaches a distance of nearly one mile in all directions.

Other Emergency Communications

In an emergency, the University will also send an e-mail to students' "My LIU" accounts (firstname.lastname@my.liu.edu) as well as text and voicemail messages to those who registered their cell phones when they activated their My LIU account. If you would like to register or change your cell phone number, please visit the Center for Student Information at the Hillwood Commons Information Desk. The number will be kept private and is only used to send a text or voice message to your cell phone in an emergency or as part of a system test.

The University also posts emergency messages on its web site (www.liu.edu/cwpost ; on weatherclosings.com; via the hotline 516-299-EMER (3637); the main campus phone line (516-299-2000) and through local media.