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M.S. in Educational Technology

Welcome to the Educational Technology Master’s Degree Program information.

We are actively recruiting a new cohort to begin in Fall 2021. The cohort will graduate in May, 2023. We will accept up to 25 people in that cohort.

If you are seeking New York State professional certification in your initial certification, this master’s degree is aligned with all areas. If you are seeking certification as an educational technology specialist, you will need this degree, pass a NYS content specialty exam (CST 71), and verify that you have take the Child Abuse, Violence Prevention, and DASA workshops. You can obtain both NYS professional certification in your initial area and NYS educational technology certification with the degree.

You cannot get your first level, initial, certification in education as a public school teacher New York State via this program. If you come in with a degree in another field and no education background, we can’t offer you New York State teacher certification credentials. You may be able to take the program, if it meets your needs outside of NYS K-12 public education. If so, just speak with us and we’ll explain that to you.

At this moment, how we use technologies well in K-12 has special meaning. Educators want to engage learners, meet individual needs, make learning environments that are meaningful and supportive. The Educational Technology program is focused on that for you.

For details, please contact the Assistant Dean of the College of Education, Information, and Technology, Cary Epstein at 

Educational Technology, M.S. (Blended)

Open House/Interview Required. Each cohort is designed uniquely. Some are monthly on a Saturday morning in-person only. Others are late afternoon/early evening weekdays. All are usually blended with about half of each course online. All is clearly outlined at the Open House/Interview. Contact Assistant Dean Cary Epstein at for more information and to rsvp to an Open House/Interview.


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