B.F.A. in Broadcasting

The 120-credit Bachelor of Fine Arts in Broadcasting opens students to the world of digital radio, digital video, webcasting and multimedia. This major prepares students for careers as varied as documentary producers, television writers, web video producers, news anchors, writers, radio broadcasters, and interview hosts. Courses cover the technical and creative aspects of this field, including new technologies, digital audio and video production and editing as well as narrative development and cultural dimensions of media. Students will work behind the scenes, writing scripts for broadcasts and operating television and radio equipment, and also practice on-air skills through work at LIU Post’s TV station, PTV, and radio station, WCWP. Students develop an understanding of a variety of storytelling styles and formats in both radio and television. LIU Post students intern at some of the nation’s top media organizations, including CBS, MTV Networks, NBC TV, Z-100, WBAB, W WFAN Radio, HGTV, and News 12, Long Island.

Program Curriculum

Course # Course Name Credit
BDST 11 Production Essentials: Audio 3
BDST 12 Production Essentials: Video 3
CMA 2 Mass Media in America 3
CMA 4 Media Literacy: Behind the Message 3
JOU 5 Writing Across Media Platforms 3
CMA 10 Media Law and Ethics 3
ORC 1 Public Speaking 3
Required Co-Related Course List 2 (Choose one of the following)
ART 4 Introduction to Computer Graphics 3
CIN 24 Intro to Documentary Production 3
CGPH 16 Digital Imaging 3
Required Broadcasting Courses
BDST 4 Digital Audio Production 3
BDST 6 Intermediate Television Production: Studio 3
BDST 30 Producing: Concept to Audience 3
BDST 25 Intermediate television Production: Field 3
BDST 34 Advanced Digital Audio Production 3
BDST 46 Video for the Web 3
BDST 54 Creating the Television Newscast 3
BDST 57 Advanced Digital Editing 3
JOU 3 Basic Reporting 3
JOU 52 Interviewing Skills for the Media 3
BDST 27 Applied Television 3
Required Broadcasting Senior Research/Honors Tutorial (Choose one of the following)
BDST 91 Senior Research in Broadcasting* 3
BDST 385 Honors Tutorial 3
BDST 386 Honors Tutorial 3
Required Broadcasting Senior Project/Honors Thesis (Choose one of the following)
BDST 92 Senior Project & Portfolio 4
BDST 389 Honors Thesis 4
BDST 390 Honors Thesis 4
Elective Broadcasting Courses (Six credits from the following)
JOU 41 Newspaper Laboratory  3
BDST 27 Advanced Applied TV 3
BDST 30 Producing Television 3
BDST 34 Advanced Digital Audio 3
PR 38 Social Media Tools 3
CIN 9  Screenwriting 3
BDST 63 Applied Radio News 3
BDST 64 Applied Radio News 3
BDST 65 Applied Radio: on-air 3
BDST 66 Applied Radio: Sprotsdesk 3
BDST 87 Internship 3
BDST 88 Internship 3
BDST 89 Advanced Independent Study in Electronic Media 1

Course # Course Name Credits
Required Core Courses 
(32-33 Credits)
POST 101 Post Foundations 1
FY First-Year Seminar 3
ENG 1** Writing 1 3
ENG 2** Writing 2 3
MTH 5 Quantitative Reasoning 3-4 
Choose one course from each of the five below course clusters and one additional course from one of the clusters.
Scientific Inquiry & the Natural World
Creativity Media & the Arts 3
Perspectives on World Culture 3
Self, Society & Ethics 3
Power, Institutions & Structures (ECO 10 Required) 3
One additional course from one of the five above clusters. (ECO 11 Required) 3
General Elective (3 Credits from Any Course)

* Some courses may count as core and others as electives.

** In addition to ENG 1 and 2, students take at least 3 more writing intensive (WAC) courses as part of their major, core, or elective courses.  ENG 303 and 304 can satisfy the ENG 1 and 2 requirement for students in the Honors College.

Credit Requirements
Total Major Requirement Credits 67
Total Core Requirement Credits 32-33
Free Electives  22
Total Degree Credits 120