Facilities & Resources

The School of Visual Arts, Communication & Digital Technologies provides a number of noteworthy resources to support its programs in art, media arts, music, theatre, film and dance. Our facilities bring together dynamic faculty and committed students in a vibrant learning environment that fosters and supports creativity and growth. LIU Post offers exquisite performance and exhibition space, state-of-the-art digital laboratories and broadcasting studios. Many of our venues are open to the public and showcase the talents of our students and professors to the greater community. Facilities are located in both historic and contemporary buildings. Below is a summary of various facilities within the School of Visual and Performing Arts.

Steinberg Museum of Art at Hillwood Commons

Hailed by The New York Times for its impressive collections, Steinberg Museum of Art at Hillwood serves as an integral part of the cultural resources at LIU Post. Each year the museum features exhibitions, lectures, demonstrations and symposia to enrich, inform and educate our students, the Campus and local communities. M.F.A. students exhibit their thesis collections at the end of each academic year.

Hutchins Gallery

Located in the lower level of the Library, the Hutchins Gallery is a magnificent exhibit hall that showcases the sculpture and painting of local artists, faculty and students.

Student Art League Gallery

Located in Hillwood Commons, the Student Art League Gallery displays the artwork of undergraduate and graduate art students. Exhibits range from one-person shows to small group exhibits, and include displays of ceramics, paintings, mixed media, multi-media and photography.

News Rooms
Journalism & Public Relations Lab and Newsroom

The computer laboratory for journalism and public relations students is equipped with the latest software for writing, desktop publishing and web publishing. The lab is equipped as a professional newsroom with a cable hookup, newspapers, magazines and an Associated Press feed.

Art Labs
Digital Art and Design Lab

The Digital Art and Design Lab is a state-of-the-art facility for students majoring in art, digital art and design, graphic design and photography. It comprises five rooms fully equipped with networked computers, current software packages, digital and video cameras, film and flatbed scanners, and laser printers. Students can create everything from interactive Web pages to 3-D images and animations.

Crafts Center

The Crafts Center houses the jewelry and ceramics studios. The ceramics studio is fully equipped for hand-building and throwing on the pottery wheel. There are gas and electric kilns, along with a large outdoor facility for Raku, primitive firings and wood firing in an anagama kiln.

Sculpture Building

The Sculpture Building houses the woodshop, machine shop, welding shop and the Foundation Studios.

Printmaking Workshop and Paper Mill

The Printmaking Shop and Paper Mill have areas for intaglio, monotype, screenprinting and papermaking. The workshop also includes a darkroom, vacuum exposure room, acid room, screen washout area and printmaking studios.

Interactive Multimedia Arts Laboratory

Located in Humanities Hall, this facility provide digital art and design students with access to 65 networked computers and an additional 15 Windows-based Intel stations, all networked with Web access at every station, within 6 comfortable and spacious rooms. Students have access to full-color printers as well as flatbed scanners (which scan 2D or 3D images) and b&w/color video. In each of the facility’s rooms, projection screens provide easy viewing for demonstrations.

Fine Arts Center

Home to the Department of Music, the Fine Arts Center is a magnificent American Colonial-style mansion that features classrooms, practice rooms, private lesson areas and offices.

Radio/TV Stations

WCWP Radio

Broadcasting 24 hours a day, WCWP 88.1 FM is a non-commercial radio station that airs talk, music, news and sports. Located in the Abrams Communications Center (next to Hillwood Commons), WCWP is staffed by students and professionals and serves both the campus community and the public. The state-of-the-art digital studios also serve as a learning laboratory for students majoring in journalism, electronic media, public relations and other disciplines.

The Wave 89.7 FM is the student-operated Internet radio station that streams 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and provides an eclectic mix of programming to keep listeners informed and entertained.

Post Television Station (PTV)

The Post Television Station (PTV) is a venue for students in the Department of Communications & Film to create and produce original programming for the student body. Located in Humanities Hall 214, the facility features a state-of-the-art production studio, a professional control room and digital editing labs. The station regularly broadcasts student-produced programming to the Campus via a closed-circuit cable system on Channel 34-1.

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