Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging Resources and Organizations

The Medical Imaging Program features a modern digital radiographic laboratory with a fully functioning radiographic imaging unit. In addition, educational hardware and software; and a computer laboratory with desktop computers and applications dedicated to instruction in the areas of radiographic anatomy, positioning and technique, and simulated registry programs.

In addition to campus facilities, the program often utilizes conference rooms at the clinical affiliates for educational offerings. Seminars, film critique sessions and guest lecturer presentations are scheduled for students in the program.


Medical Imaging Society: Founded in 1993, the Medical Imaging Society has brought a unique change to the undergraduate community of the Medical Imaging Program. The goal of the Medical Imaging Society is to provide an academic environment in which higher learning and professional information can be readily obtained. This is accomplished by keeping abreast of the latest technological advances and by sharing clinical experiences. The Medical Imaging Society is dedicated not only to the education of its members, but also feels an obligation to share what is learned and offer support to the community.

Association of Students of the Radiologic Sciences: The Association of Students of the Radiologic Sciences (ASRS) is an international society for students affiliated or interested in the radiologic sciences and associated disciplines. This society promotes scholarship and communication among students involved in radiological research, radiology, research, medical imaging, nuclear medicine, health physics, and associated disciplines.

Nassau-Suffolk Society of Radiologic Technologists: This is a Long Island-based organization whose membership is open to practicing professionals and students alike. Offering monthly seminars, this organization strives to promote education and advance the profession of radiologic technology.

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