Health Professions and Nursing

Mission Statement

The School of Health Professions and Nursing (SHPN) is dedicated to educating students from diverse backgrounds to address the health and social needs of individuals, families, communities and society, as well as to develop skills for best practice, based on humanistic values, interprofessional skills, scientific knowledge and evidence.

Vision Statement

The School of Health Professions and Nursing (SHPN) at LIU Post will be one of foremost institutions in the nation providing health professions education, which will empower students to address the evolving health and social needs for the new millennium. As graduates of accredited programs that demand the highest performance and ethical standards, our students will become leaders in their area of practice, top administrators in health and social service organizations, cutting edge researchers, collaborative members of interprofessional teams and providers of relationship centered care.

Program development will include an analysis of evolving health care systems, with focusing on the needs of the community, organizations and individuals. Particular consideration will be given to developing programs that meet the Nation’s health and social care needs based on national workforce analyses.

Technology and experiential learning will be the cornerstone of all programs.  Mastering these essential concepts will provide students with the ability to become competent professionals, ready to engage as skilled, successful members of the health care workforce.

Faculty of the SHPN will be considered experts in clinical practice, social wellness, teaching, and research, thereby producing scholarship that is valuable to all areas of health professions education.  Ongoing development activities will allow faculty to enhance their skills in attainment of funding, research, and excellence in teaching for the students at LIU Post and the community we serve.

The SHPN will establish an advisory board that represents the varied constituents of the health professions. Such persons include but are not limited to:

  • Patients, clients, patients families/caretakers
  • Professionals who address quality assurance programs, planning and evaluation, interpersonal communication, values and ethics, teams and teamwork, cultural awareness and competency.
  • Community contacts necessary for building and expanding relationships that will subsequently provide opportunities for our students and faculty (i.e., clinical placement, research opportunities, mentorship)
  • Experts who will provide consultation and feedback for developing and enhancing programs that address the needs of the current health care environment, workforce, and community.
  • Strategic partners who will provide funding opportunities to help construct and maintain facilities, support student scholarships, and sponsor faculty research. 
  • Alumni of LIU Post who have made significant contributions in the area of health care and will provide motivation for further advancement.


School of Health Professions