Communication Sciences and Disorders

Special Programs and Services

 Adult Services
  • Aphasia Center: Our Aphasia Center is the only program of its kind in the New York area. The center offers two-hour groups, four days per week that focus on socialization, communication and community. Clients are offered a variety of activities to choose from including: Current Events, Person of Interest, Living with Aphasia, Card Games, Trivia, History, Investments, Chair Yoga, Singing, Games, Food & Travel, Caregiver Support Group and More! 
  • Individual evaluations: Evaluations are available for adults to assess speech and language skills.
  • Individual Services: Individual therapy designed to improve listening, speech, language, reading, writing and memory. The goals are individualized and target the recovery of function and the development of compensatory strategies to aid in day to day communication situations. Clients have the option of a 25, 40 or 50-minute session.
  • Communication Skills Sessions: A 50-minute weekly session for clients to participate in conversational practice with a thoughtful listener. 
  • Speak OUT! & The LOUD Crowd:  This is an evidence based speech, voice and cognitive therapy for patients with Parkinson's disease. SPEAK OUT! consists of 12 individual 40 minute sessions for four consecutive weeks. Therapy focuses on speaking with intent​ to improve patients' ability to communicate effectively. After completing approximately 12 individual sessions, patients are transitioned to the LOUD Crowd. LOUD Crowd provides weekly practice of SPEAK OUT! exercises in a group setting. This program promotes maintaining new skills, accountability and camaraderie! To obtain more detailed information regarding this treatment program visit SPEAK OUT! & LOUD Crowd's website

    Pediatric Services
  • Individual evaluations: Evaluations are available for children of all ages to assess speech and language skills.
  • Individual Services: Individual sessions target the child’s specific goals and the clinicians work with the child’s caregivers to help facilitate carryover of skills learned in therapy in order to optimize his/her success. Caregivers have the option to opt for a 25, 40 or 50-minute session.
  • Chat Pack: Chat Pack is a thematic, language based play group for children 16 months to 5 years of age which encourages children to understand and use words while making exciting discoveries in a nurturing environment.
  • Pragmatic Language AfterNoon Support (PLANS): PLANS is a unique social group designed for school-age children which focuses on improving social language skills and language-based social thinking in a fun supportive small group setting.
  • Phonemic Awareness and Literacy Support (PALS): PALS is a program that targets phonemic awareness skills, such as rhyming, sound blending, segmenting, manipulation and language comrehension for children in grades K-2. 


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