Information for Current Students

In this section you also will find a number of important documents including student health insurance and waiver forms. We encourage you to become familiar with the contents contained within this page as it will serve to better enhance your overall experience at the LIU Post Campus. Additional information about these forms and the policies and processes of the program can be found in the Student Handbook (newly edited version Forthcoming, spring/summer 2019). The handbook is updated every year and should be reviewed by students annually (particularly  for information on upcoming deadlines and requirements).

To learn more about the degree requirements, course descriptions, and more, check the current Undergraduate and Graduate bulletins:

Undergraduate Bulletin
Graduate Bulletin

Academic-Related Forms

Academic Competency Evaluation
Students are evaluated for their courses based on course syllabi grading rubrics, as well as through an Academic Competency Evaluation (ACE). Faculty members will complete an ACE form for each student in their classes. ACE forms are reviewed by the Doctoral Training Committee at Student Review meetings at the end of the fall semester and the end of the spring semester. A copy of the ACE can be found here for student review:   (Newly Edited Version Forthcoming)

Course Waiver/Transfer
Students may transfer up to 12 credits of graduate coursework into the PsyD Program. The process for consideration for transfer credit is this: 1) student completes a Transfer/Waiver Request Form, with syllabus and copy of official grade received in the course; 2) student submits the form to the program; 3) the faculty member who teaches this course for the program reviews the request and approves, denies, or modifies the request 4) the Doctoral Training Committee then reviews the request for final approval/denial. 5) if approved, the form goes to the Dean’s Office for approval and then onto Registrar to be applied to the student’s account.
The waiver/transfer form can be found here:

Student Remediation Form
Throughout the evaluation process, students may be placed on a remediation plan. Information about this process may be found in the Student Handbook. The form for remediation can be found here:

Writing Mentors Self Evaluation Form
The Writing Mentors Program of the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at LIU Post was implemented in 2008 to assist students with writing for clinical psychology. The program uses a peer-mentor model wherein upper-level students are nominated by faculty members to mentor other students on writing issues. Students may be required to meet with a writing mentor by the faculty or may self-elect to receive writing mentorship (based on previous feedback in other academic settings). More information and the self-evaluation and strategy & goal setting form can be found here:

Course Evaluation
At the end of every semester student complete a course evaluation for each course they took. Evaluations are completed anonymously. Completed course evaluations are reviewed by the faculty member and program director after all grades and ACE forms have been submitted for the semester. A copy of this course evaluation is provided (Newly Edited Version Forthcoming)

Clinical Work Evaluation Forms

Psychological Services Center Graduate Student Therapist Evaluation
During the 2nd year, all graduate student therapists will be evaluated by their faculty supervisor, community supervisor, testing supervisor, and director of the PSC. The form can be found here:

Externship / Internship Evaluation Form
Students on 3rd year and 4th year externship are required to have their supervisors complete three evaluations throughout the course of their externship year. The first is due at the end of December, the second at the end of April, and the final evaluation at the end of the externship year (varies). Internship students who are at an internship that does not have their own internship evaluation are required to use this evaluation form on the above mentioned schedule as well. The form can be found 

Clinical Competency Evaluation Form

Dissertation & Research-Related Forms

Office of Sponsored Research
Students should consult their faculty advisor before considering any research while a student in the program. This policy includes both dissertation-related research as well as any other research conducted while a student in the PsyD program, Information and forms related to conducting research and the Institutional Review Board (IRB) meetings can be found at:

Copies of IRB forms and applications can be found online at:

All students conducting research and faculty supervising those research projects (or conducting their own), must complete Research Training. For more information, go to:

Campus Labs Instructions
Campus Labs is an online survey program that students may use with chair/advisor approval. Students may use this program for research related to their dissertation or other research projects.

LIU LibGuides
The Psychology Lib Guide can be found at:

Dissertation Timeline to Completion
It is highly recommended that students map out their dissertation process with their chair in order to establish deadlines and goals throughout the process. Students going beyond their 5th year in the program are required to have a timeline to completion in place. Meeting deadlines established and agreed upon by the chair and student is important for students to complete the program in a timely fashion. The timeline to completion helps keep students on-track.  The form can be found here:

Dissertation Communication Contract
Part of the dissertation process includes communication with one’s chair. This communication contract assists student and chair in establishing lines of communication that work best for both. A template for this can be found here:

Dissertation Pre-Proposal Presentation Template
This template is merely to give students and idea about what might be included in their pre-proposal presentation. Students should consult their chairs about the content of their presentation. Typically students have 8 minutes for their presentation.

Dissertation Proposal Evaluation Form
Students must propose their dissertations by October 15th of their 5th year in order to be approved to apply for a 5th year internship. Students should contact the program to schedule a room for their proposal. A copy of the form should be given to each committee member and chair. The dissertation proposal form can be found: (Newly Edited Version Forthcoming)

Dissertation Defense Evaluation Form
Students must provide their chair and committee members with the dissertation defense form on the fay of their defense. The form can be found (Newly Edited Version Forthcoming)

Dissertation Title Page Template
Students must use this template and provide their committee with a blank page to sign on the day of their defense. This will become your title page on your final bound dissertation. The template can be found here:

Proquest Dissertation Publishing Information:
Interested in publishing your dissertation online in ProQuest Dissertations?  Check out this guide:

Administrative-Related Forms

Request for Early Refund
Students who are eligible to receive a refund check from financial aid to cover living expenses while in the program may complete this form to request an early refund. If not completed, students will receive any refund they are eligible for on the university-scheduled timeline for refunds (see Bursar page for more informa tion). Here is the form:

LIU Student Medical Records
Information on and forms can be found at: Questions should be directed to the Student Health Office directly.

Student Health Insurance
All students in the program must carry health insurance. The university offers a student health insurance plan. All students will be automatically enrolled in this health insurance. Students can waive this insurance if they can prove that they have external insurance. Students must do so by going to the health insurance website and submitting a waiver. More information can be found at:
Questions about insurance should be directed to the health insurance company directly.

Graduates must submit the paperwork for licensure and limited permits directly in order to begin the process of licensure. The form is to be completed by the student and submitted to the program. Information on this process and the form can be found online at:

  1.  Fill out the form – including the internship information on page 2.  Be sure to sign the form. As to questions about when you should send this - you need to ask NYS that directly. LIU is not responsible for the timing of
  2.  Send this form to the PsyD Program at 720 Northern Blvd, Lodge B, Room 103, Brookville, NY 11548 (Your signature must be original for NYS – so no faxing or scanning)


  1. You cannot start counting hours toward licensure until AFTER your degree is conferred (aka, not when you complete internship, not when you defend, but when your degree is actually conferred (January, May, July or September dates only).
  2. All other questions about licensure should be asked to the people in NYS’s office of the Professions. You can find this information online.

Commencement Information
The program has conferral dates in January, May, July, and September. Students must complete all program requirements by the conferral date to be approved to receive their degree.  Students planning to complete program requirements for January, May or September conferral dates must submit an online degree application (from their MyLIU accounts) 3 months before that conferral date.

Students must defend 10 days before the conferral date and submit a finalized bound copy of their dissertation to the program in order to be approved for that conferral date.

MS Degree Applications
2nd Year students must submit a hardcopy paper degree application in June of the 2nd year in order to receive their MS degrees in Applied Psychology. The form can be found here:

July Conferral Date Applications
Students who will complete all of their degree requirements for a July degree must submit a hardcopy paper degree application in June to be considered for the July PsyD degree conferral date. The form can be found here:

Approval to Walk at Commencement (July/September ABI graduates)
Students who have successfully defended by the deadline of 10 days before the May Commencement date, but who are still on internship through the summer may WALK at Commencement.

Cap & Gown Ordering
All students must purchase the proper Commencement attire if they will be attending Commencement. And updated form is emailed to all students on the Commencement list sometime in March and April. The most recent Cap and Gown Order form can be found here (note prices may change year to year).


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