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MS ED Literacy (All grades)

The MSED in Literacy All Grades is a comprehensive, completely on-line, 30 credit graduate program appropriate for those who possess initial or professional teaching certification in any area of K-12 teaching. Candidates will become knowledgeable about all aspects of the Science of Reading as well as various methods of incorporating literacy into all content area classes. Emphasis will be placed upon differentiating instruction for English Language Learners, Students with Disabilities, Students with Interrupted Formal Education, and others impacted by various forms of societal trauma. For those aspiring to become a literacy coach or a departmental leader or coordinator, this program is for you, for it contains a unique course geared toward organizing, enhancing, and communicating about curriculum and assessment and supporting other literacy providers. The program approaches literacy developmentally with courses in emergent literacy and childhood and adolescent literacy development. Other courses deal with K-12 literature and education for cultural diversity. This program includes 2 diagnostic/prescriptive internships, but student teaching is not available.

The MSED Literacy All Grades leads to New York State certification as a Literacy Teacher and prepares students to work in schools and clinical settings as a Literacy Specialist or a non-administratively certified Literacy Curriculum Leader.  Students learn to reach and lead others through the 6 Pillars of Literacy and learn to develop literacy curricula, evaluate student progress, and identify students in need of corrective and remedial instruction.  Participants develop skills through classroom and clinical experiences that will enable them to expertly communicate with parents and such public groups as the Board of Education and Parent/Teacher organizations.


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