Educational Leadership & Administration


Advanced Certificate in School District Business Leader

This 30-credit program prepares graduates for the positions of assistant, associate or deputy superintendent for business. Course work includes 24 core credits in educational administration and a 400-hour, hands-on internship in a school business office, enabling students to hone their business acumen. Courses explore public school finance, the school budget process and school district administration. Students without teaching experience may qualify for New York state certification as a School District Business Leader.

Candidates for this program must possess a master’s degree and have an appropriate career background and aspirations. Upon completion of their coursework students must pass the New York State School Leadership Assessment.

Program Curriculum

Required Courses

Administration Core Courses

EDL 630

Administrative Core I


EDL 631

Administrative Core II


School District Business Leadership Courses

EDL 633

School Business Administration


EDL 636

Public School Finance  


EDL 641

School District Administration: Problems and Issues


EDL 652

Seminar in School Business Office


One of the following Elective Courses:

EDL 635

School Law


Required Educational Leadership Internship

EDL 651

Internship in School Administration – Advanced Certificate Level


Credit and GPA Requirements

Minimum Total Credits: 30

Minimum Major Credits: 3.00


EDL 630 Administrative Core I
This course presents a balanced viewpoint of theory
and practice in analyzing current issues in
administration. This sequence includes three
interrelated areas within the field of school
administration. They are: human relations,
leadership and school-community relations.

Credits: 6

All Sessions

EDL 631 Administrative Core II

The goals of this course are to have students
become wise consumers of educational research and
develop the skills, knowledge, and abilities to
understand data, incorporate analytical evidence in
executive decisions, and communicate decisions to
stakeholders. Core II may be taken before Core I.
Pre requisites: EDL 630 or permission from Dept.
Credits: 3

All Sessions

EDL 633 School Business Administration

This course is a study of the basic areas of responsibility of the school business administrator.  Major topics include the role of the school business administrator; budgeting; accounting; purchasing; insurance; operation and maintenance; transportation and food service.

Credits: 3

All Sessions

EDL 634 School Personnel Administration

This is a study of the skills, attitudes and knowledge
essential for effective school personnel
administration. Areas of concentration for the
school personnel administrator include
recruitment; certification; selection; assignment;
load and transfer; orientation; salaries and
scheduling; leaves of absence; tenure; in-service
education; personnel records; morale; retirement;
professional associations and collective bargaining.
Credits: 3
All Sessions

EDL 635 School Law

This course is a study of the major topics of law
related to public schools. Areas of concentration
include sources of the law; scope of the law; law and the organization for public education; pupils, employees and school law; school officers and the law; theory of governmental non-liability; liability and individual members of the board; and personal liability of school employees.
Credits: 3
All Sessions

EDL 636 Public School Finance

This course is a study of public school finance.
Major topics include: the development of public
school finance in the United States; principles of
school finance; revenues; expenditures and
indebtedness; fiscal problems; fiscal control; and
school support formulas.
Prerequisite of EDL 631 is required.
Credits: 3
All Sessions

EDL 641 School District Administration: Problems and Issues
This course is a study of the role and
responsibilities of the school district administrator
in a school system. Major topics include:
organizational, professional and legal issues in
school district administration; the school district
administrator and organizational decision- making;
emerging responsibilities in working relationships
among school district administrators and the board
and community; critical economic, political and
social issues confronting educational leadership.
Credits: 3
All Sessions

EDL 643 School Plant Planning
This course is an analysis of needs and program
determination for educational facilities. The course
includes: the planning of functional and
environmental aspects of school building design
and utilization; demographic studies; and financing of school building construction and school building renovations.  Also included is the use of abandoned school buildings and the implementation or development of reduction programs.
Credits: 3
On Occasion

EDL 651 Internship in School Administration- Advanced Certificate Level

During the internship, the six major core areas are
reintroduced, providing a synthesizing experience
for the student. Practical applications of systematic
observation and participation in administrative and and supervisory activities are provided at the school district level.  Permission of the Chairperson of the Department of Educational Leadership and Administration is required to enroll in this course.  Prerequisites of EDL 630 and a Prerequisite or Co-requisite of EDL 631 are required.

Credits: 6

Every Fall and Spring

EDL 652 Seminar In School Business Office

This course provides the student with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the district school business official.  Topics include an overview of the school business office and responsibilities of the internal and external auditors and district treasurer.  In addition, the course focuses on fund accounting principles, the uniform sstem of accounts, fund balance management, extra classroom activity funds, tax rates and the budget process.

Credits: 3

On Occasion


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