Student Teaching


Student Teaching

In order to be certified to teach in New York State, you must participate in Student Teaching for one semester, full-time. This generally occurs in your last semester of study.

As an education major, nothing could be more exciting than applying everything you have learned to a classroom setting. Student Teaching offers you invaluable insight and experience in the real world of teaching. LIU Post has strong affiliations with more than 65 school districts and community centers in a variety of settings, from suburban neighborhoods to inner cities. We place more than 250 students each semester in student teaching positions. Our students gain hands-on learning and teaching experience in a diverse range of socio-economic and cultural classroom settings. You will build valuable relationships with the local educational community, which includes K-12 teachers, administrators, parents, and of course, children from pre-school to high school.

You will be carefully placed and supervised in field assignments that give you an opportunity to observe veteran educators, to write and implement lesson plans, and to work closely with children and adolescents. In addition to student teaching, you can enrich your field experience by attending parent-teacher conferences, school board meetings and becoming involved in extracurricular activities. By the time you've earned your student teaching credits, you will have the ability and confidence to educate youths and shape their futures.

Student teaching is the culminating experience of one's undergraduate and graduate program. It usually is scheduled for the final semester. In order to student-teach, the student must register with his or her advisor. Early in the semester, prior to student teaching, a mandatory application meeting is held (mid-September for Spring student teaching and mid-February for Fall student teaching.)

Student teaching is a full-time educational experience. Other courses are not allowed to be taken concurrently except with the written permission of the Department Chair. There are approximately 65 days of student teaching and the student follows the same time schedule as a regular teacher. Students are also required to attend a weekly seminar with their college supervisor. Each student will usually have two 7-week experiences at different developmental levels. Dual majors in Childhood Education and Literacy can have three placements.


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