Required Workshops


Required Workshops

In order to be certified to teach in New York State, all students pursuing a teacher education degree must participate in two workshops: the School Violence Prevention and Intervention Workshop (Project S.A.V.E.) and the Child Abuse Identification Workshop. These workshops should be taken within your last two semesters of your degree program. You can enroll in these workshops through your MYLIU account.  The courses are $35 each and DASA $90 are usually offered on Fridays once each month throughout the year.

  • The School Violence Prevention and Intervention Workshop (Project S.A.V.E.) is a New York State-approved two-hour course that covers the warning signs, classroom management techniques, referral process, statutes and regulations regarding school violence prevention and intervention.
  • The Child Abuse Identification Workshop is a New York State approved two-hour course that will provide health professionals and school personnel with the information and documentation necessary to fulfill licensure application requirements as mandated by the New York State Education Department. Course content will include: identification of child and adolescent abuse; reporting procedures for child abuse and maltreatment; and resources for referral and treatment.
  • New Certification Requirement
    “Dignity for All Students Act” (DASA) Workshop
    The State Legislature and the New York State Department of Education have passed new regulations “Dignity for All Students Act” requiring that every candidate for certification after July 1, 2013 must receive training designed to fulfill the Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination Prevention Intervention training. This requirement consists of a 6 hour workshop. Up to ½ (3 hours) of this training can be online. 

Any education student, library science and counseling need the following workshops:

DASA, Child Abuse and Project SAVE workshops.  Please click here for registration information. They can get applications and scheduling from us. 


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