Teacher Certification Requirements


Teaching Certification Requirements

The LIU Post College of Education, Information and Technology offers degree programs in Early Childhood Education, Childhood Education, Adolescence Education, Special Education, Health & Physical Education, School Counseling, Mental Health Counseling, Educational Leadership, Educational Technology and Library and Information Science/School Library Media, all of which lead to certification in New York State.

Requirements for teacher certification in New York includes successful completion of a bachelor's or master's degree; passing of certification tests (basic skills and subject-specific knowledge); completing workshops in child abuse identification and violence prevention and DASA; fingerprinting; field experience; and student teaching. LIU Post's College of Education, Information and Technology undergraduate and graduate degrees and advanced certificate programs are designed to prepare students to meet these certification requirements.

In their senior year, education majors at LIU Post are eligible to apply for New York State certification through the LIU Post Office of Clinical Education and Professional Certification. The Office will process the student's application for certification.

LIU Post prepares students for two levels of certification in New York State — Initial and Professional:

  • Initial Certification is the minimum certification required to teach in New York State. The entry-level certificate is valid for 5 years and is issued in a specific subject and/or grade level. Initial Certification leads to the Professional Certificate. After three years of professional teaching experience, you can apply for the Professional Certificate to continue to be certified in New York State. All teacher-training bachelor's and master's programs in LIU Post's College of Education, Information and Technology lead to Initial Certification. Initial Certification is also available for the School Building Leader master's and advanced certificate programs.
  • Professional Certification is required to continue teaching in New York State. This advanced-level certificate is continuously valid with completion of state required professional development hours (i.e., graduate courses or a master's degree) on a 5-year cycle.

Many students at LIU Post are pursuing master's degrees and advanced certificates to become certified in another area, to expand their area of expertise, and/or to receive a salary increase in their school district.

Requirements for New York State Certification (Institutional Recommendation):

  1. Completion of the approved degree program
  2. Field Experience
  3. Violence Prevention Seminar (Project S.A.V.E.)
  4. Dignity for All Students (DASA)
  5. Child Abuse Identification Seminar
  6. Fingerprinting Investigation
  7. Student Teaching
  8. Pass all New York State Teacher Certification Exams (if applicable)

For information on New York State certification and testing, visit the New York State Department of Education Office of Teaching Initiatives Web site.

Current LIU Post students should consult the LIU Post College of Education, Information and Technology Teaching Certification Web portal for certification application instructions, applications and requirements.

Teachers, Counselors and Librarians: earn additional certifications this summer!        

Use your time off during the summer to earn additional graduate credits that will enhance your teaching and counseling experience and increase your salary level.

Meet with one of our graduate advisors from theCollege of Education, Information and Technology and they will evaluate your transcript and prior experiences and suggest courses that may fulfill your New York State Education Department certification requirements.

Educators may be able to extend their certification in areas such as Early Childhood Education, Childhood and Students with Disabilities with as few as 6 graduate credits.

For more information contact Graduate Admissions at 516-299-2900 and ask to speak to a Graduate Advisor in the College of Education, Information and Technology about earning additional teaching certification at LIU Post.


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