Student Organizations

Beta Gamma Sigma (Honor Society)

There is no higher honor for students of business than to graduate Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS). The honor society was founded as a national organization in 1913. Selection into BGS not only recognizes academic achievement, but also expresses confidence in the students’ abilities and promise to become outstanding business leaders in the future. Membership in BGS is the highest recognition a business student anywhere in the world can receive and comprises the brightest and best of business leaders including CEOs, CFOs, presidents, and other management personnel at the world’s largest companies; deans, faculty members and professional staff at the world's most prestigious colleges and universities; and the students and entry-level professionals who have shown they have what it takes to fill these positions in the future.

Benefits to members include: Lifetime Recognition for Outstanding Academic Achievement, Student Leadership Forum, Student Scholarship Program, and an Alumni Network. The BGS website and newsletter keep members informed of the Society's activities and provide lifelong learning opportunities for the Society's membership through articles addressing current business topics.

Financial Management Association

The Department of Finance sponsors a student chapter of the Financial Management Association (FMA). Founded in 1970, the FMA has more than 4,000 members worldwide (academicians, senior executives, research analysts and financial market professionals). The FMA helps students transfer academic study into professional skills by creating a challenging environment for students. Students participate in seminars as well as lectures given by financial executives who are experts in the various areas of finance. Various computer programs are also available to give students hands-on experience in investment management.

American Marketing Association

The LIU Post Marketing Club, a chapter of the American Marketing Association, is a student organization whose primary purpose is to generate interest and gain greater insight into the dynamic field of marketing. The club explores many dimensions of marketing as a career and offers diverse opportunities to develop marketing skills, network with professionals, interact socially with fellow members, and learn by experience. The Marketing Club also connects students to a vast array of resources to prepare them to compete in a highly competitive business environment. Members often help create marketing campaigns for on-campus events as well as provide innovative marketing suggestions to local businesses. Through these activities, our members are well-positioned to become marketing professionals with real world experiences.