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Bachelor of Science in Finance

A degree in finance is powerful and practical. It also affords a versatility that enables you to find work across nearly any industry and business size—from startups to nonprofits to government agencies to global corporations.

Why Study Finance at LIU Post?

Research stocks, financial data, and IPOs at our Bloomberg Pro Terminals Work in one of our student-run businesses, where finance majors put classroom theory into real-world practice. Study just 25 miles away from the finance capital of the world—New York City!

Financial Markets Lab

The Financial Markets Lab is fully equipped with Bloomberg Terminals, providing students and the entire LIU community with access to the full range of exclusive Bloomberg Professional services.

Internships That Matter


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The business administration curriculum focuses on the roles and behaviors necessary to become business leader, combining liberal arts courses with professional education in business. Through specialized courses in organizational behavior, human resource management and labor relations, business and society, international management and cross-cultural behavior, and creating and managing a small business, you will develop the professional skills to run a successful, competitive company.

Why Study Business Administration at LIU Post?

Our AACSB accreditation represents the gold standard for business schools worldwide; fewer than 5% of American schools and 15% of international programs claim this distinction. Study just 25 miles away from the financial capital of the world—New York City! LIU Post offers flexible and customizable programs that support a wide range of individual interests and career objectives. Convenient evening classes enable you to pursue your degree at your own pace, either full- or part-time.

Become an Industry Leader

Unlimited opportunities are available to professionals with an education in business management. From running your own small business to overseeing thousands of employees at the top of multinational corporations and even running a city (or country), managerial skills and experience are invaluable in the modern business world.

Student-Powered Businesses

Cultivate real-world business skills well before graduation at LIU’s on-campus student-run businesses, such as The Student Body (a fashion boutique) and Browse (an authorized Apple products retailer and all-purpose technology center)! These micro-stores can provide real-world experience right on campus regarding owning/running a business (accounting, management, marketing, etc.) as students independently manage, market, operate, and staff these ventures.

• Browse: Certified Apple Tech Store

• The Student Body Boutique
• Shark Nation Spirit Shop

Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Marketing and International Business are exciting and creative fields with tremendous potential for employment and advancement. The Department of Marketing and International Business Bachelor of Science programs aim to create ethical and strategic leaders by offering high-quality courses and hands-on experiences.

Why Study Marketing at LIU Post?

Our AACSB accreditation represents the gold standard for business schools worldwide; fewer than 5% of American schools and 15% of international programs claim this distinction. Study just 25 miles away from the marketing and finance capital of the world—New York City!

Build Global Brands

Developed in partnership with the Licensing International, this program will introduce students to the exciting and vital specialty within the marketing profession as well as give students the opportunity to participate in internships.


LIU Post's first client-paid, student-run consulting program! Over 40 student consultants execute semester-long business cases for domestic and international companies. Recognized as one of LIU’s most rigorous and prestigious programs, students gain the managerial, analytical, and interpersonal skills needed to successfully land internships and full-time positions. Top performing students are also given the opportunity to participate in all-expense paid international business trips.

The LIU Incubator Space

Provides student entrepreneurs with office space and resources to take their ideas to the next level! Entrepreneurs have access to a network of experienced mentors who can offer feedback and guidance, as well as educational programs on relevant topics, such as how to write and pitch business plans to potential investors, build your brand via social media, code, and utilize Google analytics.

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Howard Lorber

President and CEO,
Vector Group Ltd.

Bill Nuti

CEO & President, NCR

Sarabeth Levine

Owner, Sarabeth's

Gary Winnick

Chairman and CEO,
Winnick & Company

John Kanas

CEO, Bank United

Al Kahn

Marketer of Pokemon, Nintendo, Cabbage Patch Kids and TMNT

Peter Gibson

Co-CEO, Knowledgent

Beth Shaw

Founder, YogaFit

James Flanagan

Vice Chairman,
Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Thomas Buonaiuto

President & COO,
Empire National Bank

David Kline

CTO, News Corp

Brian Kilmeade

News Anchor & Author,
FOX & Friends