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Students entering the MSLIS Palmer School are required to complete a Blackboard e-portfolio. This is a requirement for obtaining the MSLIS here at the Palmer School. The e-Portfolio demonstrates professional, academic, and personal progress toward a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science. Over the course of your time here at Palmer you will be hearing a lot of talk about Blackboard e-Portfolios. Professors will be helping you identify assignments to upload into the e-Portfolio. The Palmer staff will be emailing your MyLIU email accounts with directions and updates for your e-Portfolio. Please make sure you check this account regularly. We will also post information to the Kiosk, so please make sure you subscribe to Kiosk
How does this help you as a student

Jennifer McRae Fitzsimmons stated; 

"I chose to write the Goal Mile Reflection Essays after all the other program requirements were complete.   For myself, it was at a point when I could properly dedicate the time to consider the education I received through the Palmer school.  Admittedly, when I first applied to the program and read the five Goals, I understood the words and how they related to my future studies, but I had doubts that I would have all these skills by the time I graduated.  I thought it was somewhat ambitious to think so much could be learned in such a short time.  

The first time I looked at a course syllabus I could see that the Palmer school had a very clear and purposeful path to make sure that I would learn these skills not only in theory, but in practice through school observations, community assignments and internships.  I was grateful that I never took a class that was a waste of my time or did an assignment that did not give me concrete skills to apply to the field.  
As teachers, we want our students to be able to change their opinions, ideas and understandings as new information and experiences are available. There must be integration and reflection and revision.  In a way, the reflection essays were a piece of the Stripling Model of Inquiry.  When writing the essays, I was required to re-read previous projects and papers and it was a snapshot of how my understandings from my first semester evolved and changed to my last.

I never had any doubts that Palmer was the best decision I could have made when it came to choosing an institution that would be shaping my future.  The essays were an opportunity to see in black and white that Palmer had set goals for me, and I had met them."

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