B.S. in Mathematics

The 120-credit Bachelor of Science in Mathematics is an excellent choice for students interested in pre-engineering, computer science or teaching. It includes higher-level math courses and additional credits in science or computer science.

Graduates with degrees in mathematics are in demand by the best employers and graduate schools. The program combines rigorous coursework with outstanding academic support from both professors and peers. Graduates can expect to be seen as attractive candidates by graduate schools or by employers in a variety of industries such as insurance, technology, engineering, education and manufacturing.

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Mathematics Faculty

Program Curriculum

Course # Course Name Credits
Required Mathematics Courses (35-37 credits) 
 MTH 7  Calculus and Analytic Geometry I 4           
 MTH 8  Calculus and Analytic Geometry II
 MTH 9  Calculus and Analytic Geometry III 
 MTH 20  Introduction to Sets, Logic, and Mathematical Structures 
 MTH 21  Differential Equations
 MTH 22  Applied Linear Algebra
 MTH 31  Advanced Calculus I
 MTH 32  Advanced Calculus II
 MTH 52  Probability
 MTH 71  Algebraic Structures
 One of the following
 MTH 90   Mathematics Seminar  1-3 credits
 MTH 389  Honors Thesis
 MTH 390  Honors Thesis 
Elective Mathematics or Science Courses (11 credits) 
At least six (6) credits in MTH courses numbered 23 or above (excluding 25 and 41) OR any AST, BIO, CHM, CS, ERS, GLY, OR PHY courses                              
Required Co-Related Science Courses (11 credits)
 CS 101  Invitation to Computer Science 3
 PHY 3  University Physics I
 PHY 4  University Physics II

Course # Course Name Credits
POST 101 Post Foundations 1
FY First-Year Seminar 3
ENG 1* Writing 1 3
ENG 2* Writing 2 3
MTH Quantitative Reasoning: fulfilled with any MTH course
(MTH 7 required for major)
Choose one course from each of the five below course clusters and one additional course from one of the clusters.
Scientific Inquiry & the Natural World
(BIO 103 required for major)
Creativity Media & the Arts 3
Perspectives on World Culture 3
Self, Society & Ethics 3
Power, Institutions & Structures 3
One additional course from one of the five above clusters. (BIO 104 required for major) 3-4

* In addition to ENG 1 and 2, students take at least 3 more writing intensive (WAC) courses as part of their major, core, or elective courses.

ENG 303 and 304 can satisfy the ENG 1 and 2 requirement for students in the Honors College.

Credit Requirements
Total Major Requirement Credits 37
Elective Major Credits 17
Total Core Requirement Credits 32
Elective Liberal Arts & Sciences Credits 34
Total Degree Credits 120


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