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Course Descriptions

*All of these courses are not offered every semester. Please refer to the registration form for availability.*

Physical, Cognitive & Psychosocial Development— Child Development—3 credit course
Children are what make the world “go round.” This course will follow the development of children from birth through adolescence. The students will embrace all the various stages of growth and development that children experience. This course will include the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth of children. This experience will be generated through informative lectures, intriguing documentaries, and hands on activities that provoke creativity and sense of what the whole child is comprised of.

Beautiful Minds: An In-depth Look at Diverse Learners— Child Development—3 credit course
This course will examine the various ways children learn from birth through adolescence. The students will come to understand the processes of a wide spectrum of learners from the learning disabled to the gifted. This experience will be created through lectures, discussions, documentaries, hands-on activities and group work that exemplify the beautiful minds children have.

The Role of Government in American Society—3 credit course
Students will have the opportunity to learn about basic American political principles using a variety of educational methods. By using written materials, class participation audio-visual and Internet resources, and taking advantage of their stay with real-life American citizens, students can learn particularly about American understandings the fundamental features of American government and politics. We will discuss various dilemmas of constitutional democracy, including for example the limits of free speech, the tension between security and civil liberties, and the place of morality in politics. Inquiry based instructional methods will be used when investigating American social issues and how they relate to the recent and current government.

Celebration of Holidays—3 credits
Learn about American holidays and why they are celebrated, particularly the history of the two distinct American holidays: Thanksgiving and July 4th. You will also learn about Jewish holidays and multicultural holidays such as Martin Luther King Day, Cinco de Mayo and Mardi gras. Holidays are explored through readings, interviews, crafts, and activities

Enhancing your Digital Lifestyle—3 credit course
This hand’s on course will give the students a better understanding of all things digital and how to create your digital footprint. We will help you gain a better understanding of how to present yourself online. This course will also help you recognize and better interpret the use of today’s leading social media sites. Students will learn basic techniques of graphic design, web design, and professional presentations through the Adobe Creative Suite while in the comfort of a state of the art Mac computer lab.

American Fashion through the Decades—3 credit course
Fashion is what has defined America since the beginning of time. This course will follow American fashion through the decades. The students will embrace America’s defining moments through clothing and witness how changes in society allowed for trends to form. This experience will be generated through informative lectures, intriguing documentaries, and hands on activities that provoke creativity and fashion sense.

Marketing and Social Media—3 credit course
Through discussions, assessments, lectures, interviews, and group projects, this course will allow students to have an overview of basic marketing and consumer behavior concepts with an exploration of how social media is impacting what, when, where and how we shop. We will also be researching companies in responds to customer demands relating to pricing, advertising, selling and servicing products.

Critical Reading and Expository Writing—3 credit course
This course entails critical reading and analysis of the novel of mice and men and classic short stories. Reading and writing poetry on many levels. Study of new vocabulary infused into our readings.

ENG: Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama—3 credit course
This course studies conventions and characteristics of these three genres of literature and is particularly recommended for students new to the study of literature. Students will study terminology and literary concepts in order to interpret, analyze, and critically evaluate selections from stories, poems, and plays. This course is writing and reading intensive.

TOEFL/English Exam Preparation—3 credit course
Improve your chances for success on the TOEFL exam. This course will focus on strategies for succeeding on the English language exam required for admission to universities in the United States (TOEFL). In addition, au pairs will practice skills that are stressed on the exam and will be able to monitor their progress by taking and scoring past exams.

Woman, Gender and Power—3 credit course
This course examines the historical development of American women and ideals and the evolution of economic, political, and social processes in the United States from American Indian times to the present, particularly with regard to the history, roles and status of women.

Music That Made America—3 credit course
This course will discuss music in The United States. We will talk about the history of music from the nineteenth century up through the present day. We will discuss different genres of music, what makes them unique, and what similarities they may have. We will talk about American popular culture and how it has affected and is affected by the popular music of the time. In addition, an objective of this course is to offer some listening techniques that you can take with you to gain a deeper appreciation for music no matter what you listen to.

Cultural Dynamics and the American Society—3 credit course
This course will look at how the various cultures of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean influence the diversity present within the American society of today. The course will provide an opportunity for students to share their own experiences of living in America. The instructor will explore the influence of foreign cultures on the cultural diversity within American through lecture, discussion, personal antidote and interactive exercises. Other topics to be explored will include the value of cultural diversity in the creation of new social norms; cultural adaptation and coping with culture-shock.

Growing up in America—3 credit course
This course will examine the changing perception and experience of growing up in the United States from colonial times to the present, assuming that childhood and adolescence are social constructions that have changed over time. The course will explore the emergence of childhood and adolescence as distinct stages of the life cycle, the evolving role of the family in the process of growing up, and the increasing importance of social institutions other than the family in the lives of children. An overview will be given of the difference between growing up rich or poor, black or white, male or female, and rural or urban. Finally, it will consider the reciprocal relationship between popular culture and the lives of young Americans.

Exploring the American States—3 credit course
We will learn about the differences presented in the United States. By exploring food, climate, customs and traditions we will discover what makes each state unique. This class includes lecture, films, and group work related to finding out about what makes America such a diverse country.

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