B.F.A. in Art Education

Joint Program with College of Education, Information and Technology

The 120-credit Bachelor of Fine Arts program in Art Education prepares you to become an accomplished studio artist and a certified art teacher in New York state public and private schools. The B.F.A. in Art Education (Birth to Grade 12) combines a knowledge base of the fine arts, art history, aesthetics, art criticism, education, philosophy, child development and art teaching methods into a comprehensive teacher preparation program. In addition to the college core requirements, all Art Education majors are required to complete a visual arts core, which includes traditional studio forms of drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking as well as digital formats for imaging, design and photography. Art history, art criticism, contemporary art and museum education are required program components.

You will have access to impressive studios, exhibition halls and labs to transform your ideas and concepts into professional works of art. Specialized facilities include a ceramics center, sculpture studio, printmaking workshop and papermill, digital art and design labs, and photography, drawing and painting studios. The Steinberg Museum of Art and the Hutchins Gallery, both located on campus, feature an ongoing series of exhibitions by professional and student artists. Many students and faculty showcase their work in galleries throughout Long Island and in New York City. Exhibiting artists are frequently brought to campus to discuss their work, conduct workshops and visit classes.

Art education majors complete a practicum (internship) at the Steinberg Museum of Art and have the opportunity to student teach in a regional public school. A senior exhibition of your work will be displayed in the Student Art Gallery. The culmination of this B.F.A. degree is a senior thesis exhibition and a professional artist/educator portfolio.


  • Incoming freshmen must have a solid B average (3.0 or 82-85 grade point average) and an average SAT score of 1000 (Critical Reading and Math combined) or ACT Composite of 20 or above.
  • Transfer students must have completed more than 24 college credits. A minimum college GPA of 2.0 is required for application review. If you have completed fewer than 24 credits, you must also submit high school transcripts and SAT/ACT scores. Students wishing to transfer into a Department of Art program are required to submit a portfolio for evaluation by the director of the relevant program. Schedule a review by calling the Department of Art at 516-299-2464.

Additional Admission Requirements

In addition to applying to the university, students must submit a portfolio for review for admission to undergraduate art programs.

Portfolio reviews are offered by appointment at Portfolio Review Days in Fall and Spring, at all LIU Post Open Houses, monthly in conjunction with studio class visits, or online at Call (516) 299-2464 to schedule your portfolio review.

All students who submit a portfolio for review are also considered for recommendation by the Department of Art to receive a Deans Office Award for Rising Talent (DO:ART) scholarship.

For a more detailed listing of these requirements, see the Core Curriculum section of the LIU Post Undergraduate Bulletin.

Major Requirements
Required Fine Art Courses
ART 2 Studio Foundation I 9.00
ART 3 Studio Foundation II 6.00
ART 20 Advanced Photography 3.00
ART 21 Printmaking 3.00
ART 31 Pottery and Ceramic Sculpture 1 3.00
ART 35 Sculpture 1 3.00
CGPH 16 Digital Imaging 3.00
ART 103 Fine Arts Senior Seminar 1.00
Required Fine Art Drawing Courses
Choose from one of the following:
ART 11 Life Drawing I 3.00
ART 12 Life Drawing 2 3.00
Required Fine Art Painting Courses
Choose from one of the following:
ART 13 Painting 1 3.00
ART 43 Watercolor 3.00
Required Senior/Honors Tutorial
Choose from one of the following:
ATE 385 Honors Tutorial 3.00
ATE 386 Honors Tutorial 3.00
ATUT 1 Senior Fine Arts Tutorial 3.00
Required Senior Project/Honors Thesis
Choose from one of the following:
ATE 389 Honors Thesis 3.00
ATE 390 Honors Thesis 3.00
PROJ 3 Senior Project 3.00
Required Art Education Courses
ATE 1 Introduction to Art Education: The Artist as Educator 3.00
ATE 2 Art Education Design and Practice in the Elementary School 3.00
ATE 3 The Art Museum as Educator: Interpreting Art for Education 3.00
Required Education Courses
EDI 15A Psychological Perspectives: Teaching and Learning 3.00
EDI 16A Curriculum and Assessment for Preservice Teachers 3.00
EDI 35K Methods and Materials in Teaching Art 3.00
EDI 38 Supervised Student Teaching in Adolescence Education (Grades 7-12) 6.00
EDS 44 Introduction to the Study of the Exceptional Child 3.00
EDS 60 Literacy Development: Birth Grade 6 3.00
The students are required to do one of the following: a Foreign language course, American Sign Language (SPE 98), or Equivalent milestone (with permission from the department chair).
Required Art History Courses
EDUX 100 PROJECT S.A.V.E.: Safe 
Schools Against Violence In Education Act
EDUX 200 Preventing Child Abduction; 
Safety Education; Fire and Arson Prevention
EDUX 300 Preventing Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Substance Abuse 0.00
CATX 100 Child Abuse Identification and Reporting   0.00
DASX 100 Dignity in Schools Act 0.00


College of Arts, Communications & Design
Dr. Jennifer Holmes, Dean
Kahn 100, Kahn Hall