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Lauren M. Lipner

Assistant Professor of Psychology

B.A., Pennsylvania State UniversityM.A., Ph.D. Adelphi University


Lauren M. Lipner, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at LIU Post. Dr. Lipner received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Adelphi University in 2020 following the completion of an APA-accredited pre-doctoral internship at Pennsylvania Hospital/University of Pennsylvania Health System. Dr. Lipner completed a clinical postdoctoral fellowship at Mount Sinai Beth Israel, followed by a research and teaching postdoctoral fellowship at Adelphi University. Her research interests focus on the factors associated with improving psychotherapy outcome, with particular emphasis on the development of the therapeutic alliance and resolving alliance ruptures. Recent research projects have focused on methodological inquiries into the measurement and definition of ruptures as well as factors of psychotherapy process with implications for premature treatment termination.



Psychotherapy Process and Outcome; Therapeutic Alliance; Alliance Rupture Resolution; Training and Supervision; Psychotherapy Integration



Muran, J.C., Lipner, L.M., Podell, S., & Reinel, M. (in press). Rupture repair as change process and therapist challenge. Estudios de Psicologia/Studies in Psychology.

Muran, J.C., Eubanks, C.F., Lipner, L.M. & Bloch-Elkouby, S. (2022). Renegotiating tasks or goals as rupture repair: A task analysis in cognitive-behavioral therapy for personality disorder. Psychotherapy Research. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1080/10503307.2022.2079439

Lipner, L.M., Muran, J.C., Eubanks, C.F., Gorman, B.S., Safran, J.D., & Winston, A. (2022). Operationalizing rupture-repair events using control chart methods. Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy, 29(1). 339-350. doi:

Urmanche, A.A., Lipner, L.M., Bloch-Elkouby, S., Hunter, E., Kaufmann, J., Warren, J.T., Weil, G.T., Eubanks, C.F. & Muran, J.C. (2021). The beginning of the end: A comparison of treatment completers and early dropouts in time-limited Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Counselling Psychology Quarterly. Advance online publication. doi:

McCarthy, J.B., Bahi, F., Welson, R.J., Liberta, T., Lipner, L.M., Eff, H., Band, J., Barbot, B. (2020). Impact of mood disorders, psychotic disorders and histories of abuse on adaptive functioning deficits in youth with intellectual disabilities. Journal of Mental Health Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 13(2).


Solomonov, N., Aafjes van Doorn, K., Lipner, L.M., Gorman, B.S., Milrod, B., Rudden, M.G., Chambless, D.L., & Barber, J.P. (2019). Panic-focused reflective functioning and comorbid borderline traits as predictors of change in quality of object relations in panic disorder treatments. Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1007/S10879-019-09434-7


Book Chapters

Lipner, L.M. & Muran, J.C. (in press). Negotiating the supervisory alliance. Handbook of Training and Supervision in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


Muran, J.C. & Lipner, L.M. (in press). An evidence-based consideration of change processes, clinical decisions and positionality. APA Handbook of Psychotherapy.


Lipner, L.M., Liu, D., Muran, J.C. (2019). Alliance rupture resolution & mutual empathy. In Foster, A. & Yaseen, Z. (Eds.), Teaching empathy: A core competency in healthcare. (pp. 117-126). New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company.


Gardner, J., Lipner, L.M., & Muran, J.C. (2019). A therapist’s guide to repairing ruptures in the working alliance. In Fuertes, J. (Ed.), Working alliance skills for mental health professionals (pp. 159-180). New York, NY: Oxford University Press.


Lipner, L.M., Mendelsohn, R., & Muran, J.C. (2017). Psychoanalysis. In A.E. Wenzel (Ed.), Sage Encyclopedia of Abnormal & Clinical Psychology. New York: Sage Publications.


Other Contributions

Lipner, L.M. & Johnson, B.N. (2018). Personality disorder, interpersonal challenges, and a missed clinical turning point: A case example. Psychotherapy Bulletin, 53(4).

Lipner, L.M. (2016). Expanding horizons: A look at the therapeutic alliance through a social psychological lens. Psychotherapy Bulletin, 51(3).

Lectures and Presentations

Lipner, L.M., Johnson, B.N., Solomonov, N., Eubanks, C.F., Muran, J.C. & Barber, J.P. (2022, July). The relationship between therapist flexibility, alliance rupture resolution, and premature treatment termination. Paper presented at the 53rd annual meeting of Society for Psychotherapy Research, Denver, Colorado.


Lipner, L.M., Liu, D., Muran, J.C. & Eubanks, C.F. (2021, June). What’s a V-episode, anyway? 3RS application to a single case study. Paper presented at the 52nd annual meeting of the Society for Psychotherapy Research, Heidelberg, Germany.


Lipner, L.M., Muran, J.C., Eubanks, C.F. (2019, June). The validation of control chart-identified rupture sessions using 3RS. Paper presented at the 35th annual meeting of the Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration, Lisbon, Portugal.


Lipner, L.M., Muran, J.C., Gorman, B.S., Saraiya, T., Eubanks, C.F., Safran, J.D., & Winston, A. (2018, June). Patient and therapist synchrony in ratings of alliance and alliance rupture: The role of personality pathology. Paper presented at the 49th annual meeting of the Society for Psychotherapy Research, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Lipner, L.M., Liu, D., Eubanks, C.F., & Muran, J.C. (2018, June). Discrepant quantitative methods of alliance rupture identification: A single case study. Paper presented at the 34th annual meeting of the Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration, New York, New York.


Lipner, L.M., Muran, J.C., Zilcha-Mano, S., Eubanks, C.F., & Safran, J.D. (2016, November). Moderator. Operationalizing Rupture-Repair Episodes using Control Chart Methods. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the North American chapter of the Society for Psychotherapy Research, Berkeley, California.



Psychotherapy Funding


Small Research Grant, Society for Psychotherapy Research

Primary Investigator

Project: The relationship between therapist flexibility, alliance rupture resolution, and premature treatment termination


American Psychological Association, Division 12, 29 (2016 – Present)

Society for Psychotherapy Research (2016 – Present)

Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (2016 – Present)