High School Scholars Program



For more information about the LIU High School Scholars Program Contact:
Dr. Christopher J. Adams,
Dean, School of Professional Studies


LIU High School Scholars Program

Registration for spring courses will begin on January 29.

The LIU High School Scholars Program offers high school students a unique opportunity to accelerate their college education. Through a wide range of dual-credit courses—applicable toward both the high school diploma and a bachelor’s degree—LIU High School Scholars earn college credits while studying in their high school classrooms.

Explore advanced topics—marketing, human anatomy, criminal justice, film, and more—in a supportive, hands-on learning environment designed to prepare you for college-level academic standards.

Courses are significantly discounted from on-campus tuition, enabling you to earn credits and get ahead of your college career before even graduating from high school. Courses may be applied to undergraduate degree programs at LIU Post (or transferred to other institutions, as determined by the receiving institution), so LIU Scholars may take fewer courses while at college or graduate early from college, resulting in a significant savings of tuition and time.

View High School Scholars Program flyer.

Special Benefits
  • Earn college credits while studying in high school classrooms
  • Get prepared for college-level academic standards
  • Receive significant discounts from on-campus tuition; Courses are only $290 per course
  • Personalized family tours and invitations to admissions events
  • * Earn scholarship awards for LIU Tuition

* Students who take a minimum of six credits

Students who take a minimum of six credits through the LIU High School Scholars program, and maintain a 3.5 GPA in their LIU courses, are eligible to receive a $2,500 scholarship renewable for four years (total $10,000), in addition to their financial aid package, not to exceed the cost of tuition.

Campus Events

LIU Scholars enjoy access to campus resources, amenities, and events.

  • Lectures by LIU Post faculty, visiting scholars, and artists
How to Apply
  • Visit liu.edu/hss
  • Select your high school and courses
  • Complete and submit your application
  • Make your payment
  • Tuition is $290 per course.
How to Order Transcripts
  1. From the Parchment homepage, the first option is I Would Like To- drop down box choose order my transcript. The link is https://www.parchment.com
  2. Order from - Type Long Island University (LIU Post in Brookville is where the college credits are affiliated) and not High School Scholars
  3. Start here-Enter Your Email
  4. Add your personal information and create a password
  5. Choose either PDF-electronically emailed or Hard-Paper copy. Most schools prefer PDF and when it is opened there is tracking information. Please remember, if you are taking a full year or spring 2024 course(s), the grade for the course will not be in until June 28, so please request a hold on the transcript until the grade(s) are submitted.

We encourage students to visit the website at the link above because there is a customer support tab at the top of the page or you may call Parchment at (847) 716-3005.