Peer Tutoring Program


Become a Tutor

The LIU Post Tutoring Program is internationally certified at the Master Level through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). The tutoring program provides free peer tutoring to undergraduate LIU Post students in the following areas: accounting, biology, economics, English, statistics, history, philosophy, psychology, mathematics, criminal justice, and political science. The Program provides assistance to those needing help with time management and study strategies. We also provide tutorial assistance during final exam week by appointment only.

Tutor Credentials
  • Sophomore, junior, or senior, in good standing at LIU Post with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Received a B or an A in the course(s) one wishes to tutor.
  • Received a very good to excellent recommendation completed by a faculty/staff person at LIU Post or from a person who is familiar with him/her as a student.
  • Must have a clean campus disciplinary record.
  • Completed a successful interview with the Assistant Director of the Learning Support Center.
Tutor Skills & Attributes
  • A tutor needs to be able to demonstrate excellent time management skills. A tutor must be able to balance his/her academic, extra-curricular, and tutorial responsibilities.
  • A tutor needs to be able to demonstrate excellent organizational skills. A tutor must be able to assist tutee(s) in organizing the completion of course assignments.
  • A tutor needs to be a motivator. Tutors must be willing to encourage their tutee(s) to become better students; to hold them accountable for being prepared for tutorial sessions; and to motivate them to be both verbally and physically active during tutorial sessions.
  • A tutor needs to be encouraging and patient. A tutor must give praise when success on any level should occur. A tutor must be patient even when providing a “reality check” regarding their tutee’s lack of progress or lack of focus on academic responsibilities.
  • A tutor needs to be able to communicate well to a diverse student population. Tutors must be able to be creative in order to explain content material through a variety of methods.
Duties and Tasks
  • Tutor students in specific subject areas to meet the individual needs of those students in a particular academic area, but not complete class assignments.
  • Be on time for all tutoring sessions and keep all appointments.
  • Prepare for tutoring sessions by planning questions, developing practice quizzes and tests, etc.
  • Participate in an evaluation process to gauge performance and plan to work on areas that need improvement.
  • Inform students of Learning Support Center activities such as academic success workshops.
  • Keep tutorial documentation up-to-date, including time cards, session cards, and CRLA training requirements.
College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA*) Certification
  • Participation in CRLA tutoring training sessions is required and mandatory.
  • There are three levels of certification. A tutor will complete at least one level of CRLA per academic year that tutor is on staff.
  • Completion of CRLA requirements are in the form of attending tutor training sessions, attending LSC workshops, creation of tutoring handouts, evaluation of tutoring staff and services, and individual appointments with the Assistant Director.

    *CRLA is an international tutor certification organization for college and professional tutors,

Tutors are currently paid for the tutorial time scheduled, attending CRLA tutor training sessions, attending tutorial staff meetings, and for participation in other various Learning Support Center activities. Pay rate will be discussed during the interview process. If you are work-study eligible please check yes on the application. If you do not know if you are, please contact Student Financial Services in Kumble Hall.

Tutor Schedules

The Learning Support Center Tutoring Room is open Monday through Wednesday 12:30pm – 7:00pm, Thursday 12:30pm – 5:00pm, and Friday by appointment only. Tutors are able to create their own schedule within the time frame of tutor lab hours.