Disability Support Services (DSS)


Campus Building Accessibility

Below is a list of campus buildings that are handicapped accessible. The location of access points to the building has also been provided.

Fine Arts Center:
  • There is full access to the rooms on the first floor when entering through the main lobby in the front of the building.
Hillwood Commons:
  • Automatic sliding doors on campus side of building
  • Parking lot side of building has access buttons on the door farthest to the left
  • Elevator located behind staircase
  • Access buttons and ramp on south side of building (Tilles/Hillwood side)
  • Elevator located in center of the building
Interfaith Center:
  • Access ramp and button on south side of the building leads into main sanctuary
Kahn Discovery Center:
  • Access button on main entrance (southeast corner of building)
  • Elevator located in center of building
Kumble Hall:
  • Access ramp and button located in front of building
  • Elevator located on left hand side of entrance
  • Ramps and automatic doors at entrance
  • Elevator located in center of building
Lorber Hall:
  • Access to building is through the handicapped parking lot. (Front entrance)
  • Elevator in rear left corner of the building