The Lachman Institute for Pharmaceutical Analysis

Rahul Haware, Ph.D.

The Lachman Institute for Pharmaceutical Analysis

The Lachman Institute for Pharmaceutical Analysis is a fully renovated 2300 ft2 analytical laboratory equipped with advanced analytical instrumentation in support of pre-clinical drug development research, industrial drug development and compounding pharmacy activities.

The core capabilities for the Institute are focused on physical and chemical characterization including: solid state properties of APIs/excipients and dosage forms, chemical characteristics and chemical stability, degradant identification and quantitation, and changes during processing and storage.

Dr. Rahul Haware is Director of the Lachman Institute and an Associate Industrial Pharmacy/Pharmaceutics at Long Island University, Brooklyn. He is responsible for evaluating projects and working with stakeholders to design experiments and develop proposals with realistic timing and resource estimates. You are invited to contact Dr. Haware should you have projects that you feel fit into the Lachman Institute’s capabilities.

Projects at the Institute
  • Pre-clinical studies on small molecules in support of Quality by Design (QbD) and Question Based Reviews of new drug and ANDA applications
  • Development of analytical methods for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Impurities, Dosage Forms, Dissolution, Form Selection, and Stability Studies
  • Beyond use dating and formulation development for compounding pharmacies
  • Investigating OOS (out of specification) results
  • Training for industrial, government, and academic scientists and regulators

Our instrumentation enables analysis in Five broad categories
  • Chemistry and solid state structural analyses (LC-MS, PXRD, Computational software)
  • Energetic analysis (DSC/TGA, Sorption, UV, FTIR)
  • Kinetic analysis (HPLC, Dissolution, Crystallization)
  • Micromeritics (Particle size, Microscopy)
  • Instrumentation capable of performing USP Compendial testing requirements

Major Instrumentation
  • ABSciex API 4000 LC-MS Triple Quad
  • Waters Autopurification Prep HPLC System with MassLynx Software
  • Waters Alliance Analytical HPLC Systems with UV/PDA Detectors and Empower 3 Software
  • Rigaku Smartlab Full Featured Laboratory System Powder X-Ray Diffractometer
  • Q2000 high sensitivity DSC Thermal Analysis Instrument
  • Q500 High Sensitivity TGA Thermal Analysis Instrument
  • Q5000 SA Moisture Sorption System Thermal Analysis Instrument
  • VTI-100 Vapor (moisture and organic) Sorption System Thermal Analysis Instrument
  • Three Distek 2100 Dissolution Systems with Auto Samplers
  • Malvern Mastersizer 3000 with Dry Powder Feeder Particle Sizer
  • EasyMax Two Vessel Automated Variable Temperature Crystallizer with Auto Titration and Solvent Addition
  • Milipore 18 Megaohm Water Purification System
  • Shimadzu UV-1240 UV Spectrophotometer
  • Zeis AX10 Microscope
  • Materials Studio and Cambridge Database Computational Software


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