Pharmacy Policies & Regulations

Policy for Student Complaints Relating to Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) Standards, Policies & Procedures

ACPE is required to demonstrate to the U.S. Secretary of Education its expectations regarding a program’s recording and handling of student complaints. In addition, ACPE must demonstrate a link between its review of complaints and its evaluation of a program in the accreditation process. Therefore, ACPE has adopted the following policy: “The colleges and schools of pharmacy have an obligation to respond to any written complaints by students lodged against the college or school of pharmacy, or the pharmacy program that are related to the standards and the policies and procedures of ACPE. The college or school of pharmacy shall establish, implement and maintain a student complaint procedure that affords the complainant fundamental procedural due process. The college or school of pharmacy should communicate the complaint policy to students. The college or school of pharmacy, or the pharmacy program, shall maintain a file that contains the written complaint, a written record of each step of the complaint procedure and the outcome, except as otherwise prohibited by state or federal law. The files shall be made available for inspection to ACPE at on-site evaluations, or otherwise at ACPE’s written request. The findings of this inspection, and the resulting implication(s) to the accreditation of the professional program, shall be noted in the Evaluation Team Report.” In order to comply with the ACPE policy regarding student complaints relating to ACPE standards, policies and procedures, the policy of LIU Pharmacy is to provide:

  1. Student access to ACPE standards, policies and procedures
  2. Communication of complaint policy to students
  3. Procedure for student complaints
Student Access, Posting and Communication of Policy

A copy of ACPE standards, policies and procedures and a copy of the LIU Pharmacy policy relating to this issue are available in the Office of the Dean. It is available for review by any student enrolled in LIU Pharmacy, but may not be removed from the Office of the Dean.

A copy of ACPE standards, policies and procedures is also available on the ACPE website, The following shall serve as the notification to students of the complaint policy and the procedure for student complaints:

Complaint Policy and Procedure for Student Complaints

The grievance procedure for students shall require a formal written complaint describing the specific violation of ACPE standards, policies or procedures. The written complaint should include a description of the ACPE standard, policy or procedure in question; grounds for appeal; a summary of the argument; and supporting evidence. This shall be delivered to the office of the Dean of LIU Pharmacy. Upon receipt of a written complaint, an ACPE Grievance Committee, composed of the Division Directors, Chairs of the Curriculum and Scholastic Committees, the Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs and a student representative, shall be convened to review the complaint. A formal, written reply to the student(s) from the Grievance Committee shall include an evaluation of the complaint, a description of any violations, and a proposal for any necessary corrective action. This process shall usually take no longer than 90 days. Decisions of the Grievance Committee that demonstrate arbitrary and capricious treatment or that are fundamentally unfair may be appealed, as a final step, to the Dean of LIU Pharmacy. This process is the sole avenue for student complaints regarding ACPE standards, policies and procedures.

A record containing student complaints and written records of the complaint procedure and outcomes shall be maintained in the Office of the Dean of LIU Pharmacy, and shall be available for review by ACPE or its representatives upon written request or in the process of an on-site evaluation visit.