Pharmacy Policies & Regulations

LIU Pharmacy Official Correspondence

Every student is required to report his or her correct residential address to the LIU Brooklyn Office of the Registrar. This address must be the student’s actual residing address while in attendance at LIU Pharmacy. Reporting the parent’s address is not acceptable unless the student is currently in residence with the parent. Address changes should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar within three days of a change of residence.

Official correspondence from LIU Pharmacy that is intended for delivery by the United States Postal System by first class, third class or other classes of mail will be mailed to the address the student lists with the Office of the Registrar.

Official correspondence from the College is also regularly sent to students by electronic mail. Every student of LIU Pharmacy is considered to be on notice of the information contained in e-mail messages sent by the College to the student’s official e-mail address. All students of LIU Pharmacy are assigned an official LIU e-mail alias ( that serves as the official LIU e-mail address. Official e-mail correspondence from LIU Pharmacy is sent to that address.