Pharmacy Policies & Regulations

LIU Pharmacy Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures

Students at LIU Pharmacy may expect a scrupulous regard for their rights as students and individuals and should expect to be treated fairly and with courtesy by all members of the academic community. In any matter in which students feel that their rights have been violated, or in matters of serious dispute with members of the administration or faculty, students may avail themselves of the following formal grievance procedure:

  1. The student will write out a clear statement of the grievance.
  2. The student may submit this statement to the staff member involved. The student will be given a written response within a reasonable time.
  3. If the student is not satisfied with the response, or initially, if preferred, the student may submit a statement to the appropriate Division Director or department head. The Director will review the matter and provide the student with a written response within a reasonable period of time.
  4. After a student receives a response from the Division Director, a disciplinary committee may be convened upon the request of the student, the faculty member or the administration. This committee advises either the Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs (Doctor of Pharmacy students) or the Associate Dean for Research and graduate Studies (graduate students) regarding the matter; the respective dean's decision is then communicated to the concerned parties. The appropriate dean may initiate disciplinary proceedings upon request of a faculty member or Division Director.
  5. If still not satisfied, the student may institute a formal complaint with the Dean of the College in which he or she is enrolled. The Dean will review the matter, hear the student and staff member where appropriate, and see that the proper action is taken.

This procedure shall be a formal grievance procedure for the resolution of all student grievances and disciplinary matters, including those alleging actions prohibited by legislation.