Vision & Mission Statement

Mission & Vision

The mission of LIU Pharmacy is to educate, lead and serve.

Our vision is to achieve preeminence in pharmacy education, research and service through our commitments to:

  • Embrace, educate and empower individuals who seek to become pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists;
  • Lead and advance the profession of pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences through innovative practice, research and teaching and learning;
  • Serve the greater community by utilizing our academic disciplines as avenues for dialogue and creation with the world outside.

Our vision is advanced through our dedication to:

  • Create a supportive and nurturing environment that allows each student to succeed and flourish professionally;
  • Develop analytically strong and empathetic new pharmacists that practice evidence-based pharmacy utilizing an interprofessional approach to patient-centered care and improved public health;
  • Prepare graduate students for teaching, research and other careers in academia, the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies;
  • Provide academic, professional and co-curricular opportunities to empower students as intellectually vigorous life-long learners;
  • Develop professionals and scientists with inquisitive minds who seek to advance the relevant body of knowledge through research and other scholarly pursuits;
  • Foster the service of faculty, staff and students towards innovation in practice; advancement in basic, clinical and translational sciences; application of new educational strategies; and engagement of other health care professionals across the disciplines;
  • Provide high-quality opportunities for continuing professional development to pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists, pharmacy technicians as well as our faculty, staff and preceptors.

As it has been since our founding in 1886, the achievement of our vision and mission is enhanced and informed by the remarkable diversity of our students, faculty and other stakeholders and the rich mosaic of communities we serve.


LIU Pharmacy
Arash T. Dabestani