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Bhaskar Das

Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Ph.D. Organic SynthesisM.Phil. Organic SynthesisM.S. Organic Synthesis


In 19 years of research experience, Dr. Das has published 25 patents, 80 peer reviewed papers, 20 papers are under preparation, many abstracts and 5 book chapters. Five technologies have transferred to pharmaceutical industries (currently in preclinical trials). Two drugs have been FDA approved. Dr. Das has trained 20 postdocs, 5 Ph.D students, 30 Undergraduate students and 25 high school students. His laboratory is the first in the world explored the boron based small molecules as potential therapeutic and diagnostic agents in an academic setting.

Overall, Dr. Das focuses on Boron based small molecules design and synthesis and the use these compounds as potential therapeutic and diagnostic agents for different diseases areas. These new reactions are used globally to synthesize different organic compounds and new compounds are utilized as potential therapeutic and diagnostic agents for different diseases areas.


New methodologies for carbon-boron bond formation to synthesize boron-containing unnatural amino acids for use in cancer therapy.  Synthesis of chemical libraries of boron-containing agents for use in the treatment of brain cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.  Development of chemical libraries of PET and SPECT imaging agents for non-invasive diagnoses of Alzheimer's disease and brain cancer.  Development of new therapeutic and diagnostic agents for brain cancer, prostate cancer, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. 



Total 28 # (25 reported, 3 under preparation)

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