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Maria Longo (Sorbera)

Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice


Dr. Longo received her PharmD degree from Long Island University. She completed a Post Graduate Year (PGY)-1 Residency at the NY Harbor VA Healthcare system where she developed an interest in ambulatory care. This interest led her to complete a PGY-2 Ambulatory Care Residency at The Brooklyn Hospital Center. Before joining LIU Pharmacy, she practiced in academia for approximately two years. Dr. Longo is an Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice with her practice at The Brooklyn Hospital Center where she also serves as the PGY-2 Ambulatory Care residency program director. She provides outpatient and inpatient HIV clinical services.  In addition, Dr. Longo serves as a preceptor at her practice site and is heavily involved with research in the pharmacy residency programs.  

Dr. Longo is board certified in ambulatory care (BCACP) and certified as an HIV pharmacist (AAHIVP). She is also certified to practice collaborative drug therapy management in New York.


HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, Primary Care, Pharmacist’s role in chronic disease state management.


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