Faculty & Research Interests


Suzanna Gim, BA, PharmD, MPH
Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Director of International Affairs
Drug Information Specialist
(718) 488-1270


B.A., New York University
Pharm.D., University of Maryland at Baltimore
M.P.H., New York University

Short Biography

Dr. Suzanna Gim, associate professor of pharmacy practice, was born and raised in Baltimore, the city of black-eyed Susans and home of the Ravens. After earning a bachelor's degree in psychology in 1999 from New York University, she was involved in medical research at Columbia University and also contributed to cancer research at the University of Maryland, where she completed a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2004. Inspired by her clinical experiential learning rotations in Maryland and her various experiences with drug information and pharmacoeconomics, she decided to pursue a drug information residency at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Dr. Gim also has a strong interest in international public health and completed a master's degree in global public health at New York University in May 2009. Dr. Gim has a passion for teaching and a thirst for knowledge, and feels that academia is the field that gives her the most opportunity for growth in both respects. She joined the faculty of the College of Pharmacy in September 2005 and is a Drug Information Specialist and EBN Clinical Pharmacist in the Department of Pharmacy at NYU Langone Medical Center.

With the addition of her masters in public health, she was inspired to expand student experiences beyond the local community pharmacy into public health services on an international level. She has developed the first international experiential elective rotation for the University and has taken over 12 pharmacy students to Sierra Leone, West Africa and Haiti on various trips the past 3 years. In recognition of her international work, she received the Founder's Award this May 2012. Her interest in global pharmacy education and practice continues to grow as she aspires to save the world one pharmacy student at a time. Dr. Gim likes traveling all over the world, being outdoors, trying new things and enjoying life to the fullest.

Research Synopsis

International pharmacy practice in resource poor settings, program development, health profession education and training challenges, sustainable solutions, workforce strengthening, capacity building in resource poor countries. International pharmacy practice experiences for pharmacy students. Student perceptions on learning, best practices for teaching various learning styles, higher cognitive level assessments. Improving patient care through increase in pharmacy involvement in outpatient services.

Selected Publications
  • Co-author, articles in the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, Journal of Pharmacy Practice, Clinical Therapeutics, American Journal of Health System Pharmacists, Oncogene, Journal of Biological Chemistry and Nature Genetics


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