Faculty & Research Interests


Grazia Stagni, Ph.D.
Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
(718) 488-1231


Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin, TX, in Pharmaceutics
M.S., University of Texas, Austin, TX, in Pharmaceutics
Laurea summa cum laude, Universita’ di Bologna, Bologna, Italy; in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology

Short Biography

Dr. Grazia Stagni has a Master and PhD (1994) in Pharmaceutics from the University of Texas at Austin where she received training in pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, at both applications and modeling/simulation levels. She previously received a Laurea in Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology (1982) from the University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy and was a registered Pharmacist in Italy. From 1994 to 1999, Dr. Stagni was research fellow with the Division of Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Texas Health Science Center, in San Antonio, TX where she developed new applications of the cutaneous microdialysis technique to study the pharmacokinetics in dermis of drugs delivered via iontophoresis. In the year 2000, she joined the Faculty at the Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy, Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY where she continued to develop her interests in the investigation of dermal pharmacokinetics. Dr. Stagni published her research in several scientific Journals and books. She gave invited presentations at national and international meetings. Dr. Stagni teaches a number of courses at both the graduate and undergraduate level, mostly in the area of pharmacokinetics. So far, she supervised the research projects of 9 PhD students and of more than 40 Master students.

Dr. Stagni is member of AAPS (American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists) and served as Chair of the Microdialysis focus group in 2007-2009.

Research Synopsis

The primary focus of Stagni's laboratory is to apply the principles of biopharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamic to drug delivery and development. Our area of emphasis is the use of the microdialysis technique to obtain detailed measurements of drug concentrations in dermis (in-vivo) following either topical or systemic delivery. These studies permit to improve the understanding of the mechanisms involved in dermal and transdermal delivery and possibly lead to the development of in-vitro/in-vivo correlations, bioequivalence of topical formulation, and physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling and simulation of dermal absorption.

Selected Publications

  • Tamakuwala, M., Ratna, W., Joshi, A. and Stagni, G. “Fingolimod Hydrochloride Gel Shows Promising Therapeutic Effects in a Mouse Model of Atopic Dermatitis”, Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, accepted May 2016
  • Patel H, Joshi A, Joshi A, Stagni G. Transdermal delivery of etoposide phosphate II: in-vitro in-vivo correlations (IVIVC). Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences; 105(7):2139-2145; 2016
  • Patel H, Joshi A, Joshi A, Stagni G. Transdermal delivery of etoposide phosphate I: in-vitro and in-vivo evaluation. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences; 105(7):2114-2122; 2016
  • Tamakuwala, M. and G. Stagni, Fingolimod Hydrochloride Gel for Dermatological Applications: Optimization of Formulation Strength, and Effect of Colloidal-oatmeal (Aveeno®) as Penetration Enhancer. AAPS Pharm Sci Tech, 2015. DOI: 10.1208/s12249-015-0415-9
  • Patel H, Joshi A, Joshi A, Stagni G. Effect of microporation on passive and iontophoretic delivery of diclofenac sodium. Drug Dev Ind Pharm. 2015:1-6.
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