Cancer Research Laboratories

Cancer Research Laboratories

The cancer research program consists of several laboratories with state-of-the- art equipment and core facilities in support of cancer research and anticancer drug discovery and development.

Active cancer research is focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms of cancer initiation, progression and metastasis, discovering new anticancer drugs through synthetic chemistry and natural sources, and developing innovative targeted cancer prevention and treatment strategies.

Dr. Levenson and Dr. Pezzuto are in charge of the cancer research program. You may contact Drs. Levenson or Pezzuto should you have an interest in cancer research and anticancer drug discovery.

Projects at the Center

  • Mechanisms of cancer progression and metastasis
  • Epigenetic mechanisms of cancer progression
  • Gene expression profiling and pathways identification
  • Targeted therapies
  • microRNAs in cancer
  • Pre-clinical mouse models: xenografts and transgenic mice
  • Natural bioactive molecules for anticancer drug development
  • Lead identification and development including computational chemistry modeling and structure-based design
  • Pharmacology and efficacy of anticancer drugs
  • Safety, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics

Major Equipment

  • Light Cycle 480 Real-time RT-PCR
  • Homogenizer
  • Synergy Microplate Reader
  • Cytoflex Flow Cytometer
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Centrifuges
  • Microscope Imaging System
  • HLPC System
  • Mammalian Tissue Culture
  • Schrodinger Computational Drug Design Suite
  • Structural Biology Program Suites


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