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Roitman, Janna

Associate Professor of Pharmacy PracticeDirector of Interprofessional Education

M.S., Odessa State Academy of Refrigeration, UkrainePharm.D., LIU Pharmacy


Dr. Janna Roitman started her career as a pharmacy resident at St. Luke’s/Roosevelt Hospital and then moved to the clinical pharmacy manager position at the same institution where she served for seven years. During that time, Dr. Roitman supervised 40 full-time staff pharmacists, technicians, and pharmacy interns, as well as 2 PGY1 residents in a 400 bed urban teaching hospital. She was able to develop and implement neonatal pharmacy service, coordinated research and investigational studies activities, precept PGY1 residents for Oncology Rotation and 6th year students for Neonatal Intensive Care and Intuitional Rotations.

For the next two years Dr. Roitman worked as an Assistant Director of Pharmacy, Clinical Services at NYU Langone Hospital - Brooklyn. During this time, she managed team of eight clinical pharmacists, provided education programs for the prescribers and nurses, collaborated with medical staff to establish and monitor criteria for safe, effective and appropriate medication usage. Dr. Roitman worked on implementing educational, training and competency programs for the pharmacy staff, continued precepting 6th year pharmacy students, and participated in various hospital and departmental committees.

Dr. Janna Roitman recently joined LIU Pharmacy where she will be teaching Health Care Informatics.


Inpatient Hospital Pharmacy Management
Neonatal/Pediatric Clinical Pharmacy
Oncology Clinical Pharmacy
Pharmacy Administration


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Lectures and Presentations

  • Nnoli T, Roitman J, Masaracchio M, Zabala DD, Mollo A, Ocheretyaner E, Hampson K, Grippi C. Understanding the Knowledge and Skills Required for Interprofessional Education and Collaboration. ASHP Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, NV, December 4-8, 2022.
  • Impact of oncology drug shortages on patient treatment, presented at 2012 Annual American Society of Clinical Oncology, Chicago, Il (6/2012)
  • Enhancing Medication Safety Through the Implementation of Neonatal Specific Order Sets, presented at 20th Annual Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group Meeting and Pediatric Pharmacy Conference, Memphis, TN (3/2011)
  • Standardizing chemotherapy order processes across a multi-site system, Presented at Midyear Clinical Meeting of American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), Anaheim, CA (12/2010)
  • Impact of initiating an antimicrobial stewardship program at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center, Presented at Greater New York Hospital Association Meeting (GNYHA), New York, NY (11/2008)
  • Impact of pharmacist intervention on polypharmacy management in the elderly, Presented at Eastern States Midyear Conference, Hershey, PA (5/2008)
  • Pharmacist based renal monitoring and dosage adjustments for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infected patients cared for in an urban ambulatory setting, Presented at Midyear Clinical Meeting of American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), Las Vegas, NV and AIDS International Conference, Mexico (12/2017 and 08/2008)


Honorable Mention Quality and Patient Safety Award for Implementation of Neonatal Order Sets, St. Luke’s/Roosevent Hospital, 2011

  • New York State Council of Health-System Pharmacists
  • American Society of Health – System Pharmacists
  • Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group