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Tracey Hodurski

Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences


Professor Hodurksi is a dedicated full time academic Assistant Professor that utilizes research based active learning strategies for student instruction in a class of 220 students. She creates and implements a variety of  student workshops to improve professional leadership and effective patient communication skills.

With a background as a highly accomplished healthcare business professional - with a proven track record of developing successful Regional and National initiatives and training talent - Dr. Hodurksi teaches pharmacy students in each of their professional years about the profession of pharmacy, and practice management with application to public health and patient safety.



  • National CVS Breakthrough award for leadership and innovation, 2014
  • National CVS Team Innovation award to advance top talent, 2013
  • MPCR Award for superior results in the midst of adversity, 2012
  • College Partner Appreciation award recognized for support and dedication to the faculty and students at LIU, 2011
  • Teamwork award in recognition of national collaboration to drive results and ideas, 2010
  • Teamwork award for leadership and setting an example of excellence, 2009
  • No Challenge Store award recognized for having scores above goal in all 31 stores in district, 2004
  • Best Overall Sales to Budget, 2002
  • Voted Region (NY Metro territory) Pharmacist (Paragon) of the year out of 500 pharmacists, 2001