Earth & Environmental Science

M.S. in Environmental Sustainability

Rising sea levels, air and water pollution, and the soaring demand for energy -- these and many more challenges confront policy-makers at the global, national and local levels. More and more, society turns to environmental scientists and specialists to find ways to balance human health and environmental protection with free enterprise and economic prosperity. Green growth is one of the central issues of our age.

The 33-credit Master of Science in Environmental Sustainability at LIU Post, the only degree of its kind on Long Island, is designed to educate and train professionals to develop environmentally sustainable solutions for society via multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary coursework integrating the physical and social sciences. The program centers on issues specific to the Long Island/New York metropolitan region while also considering the global context. Students in the Environmental Sustainability program will investigate the region’s diverse systems of natural environments and built infrastructures. Students will be challenged to offer sustainable long-term solutions to a range of critical environmental issues. Our key challenge is to develop resource and energy systems that advance the region’s long-term health and sustainability by developing solutions that can be implemented in partnership with government agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

The M.S. in Environmental Sustainability is offered in a blended format (some courses are delivered up to half online with the remaining courses delivered face-to-face) affording students flexibility and convenience.

Check out the LIU Post Graduate Bulletin to learn about degree requirements, course descriptions, and more.

Degree Requirements

Required Courses
Number Course Title Credits
EVS 501 Principles of Environmental Sustainability 3
EVS 620 Environmental Sustainability Seminar 3
ERS 501 Mapping Environmental Data with GIS 3
Elective Courses
Number Course Title Credits
EVS 520 Sustainable Land Use and Transportation 3
EVS 530 Sustainable Energy Systems 3
EVS 575 Special Topics in Environmental Sustainability 3
EVS 610 Materials and Energy Flow 3
EVS 701 Internship 3
ERS 502 GIS Applications 3
GGR 518 Topics in Applied Conservation 3
GLY 510 Oceans, Coasts, Sustainability 3
GLY 518 Groundwater Geology 3
GLY 523 Environmental Geochemistry 3
GLY 529 Global Climate Change 3
GLY 550 Environmental Geology 3


College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nathaniel Bowditch, Dean