College of Science

Preparing Our Students for the Challenges & Opportunities of Tomorrow

The College of Sciences is dedicated to conveying the knowledge, research & leadership opportunities to transform our students into impactful scientists, professionals & innovators. The approach & contributions of the College of Science are constructed around the LIU Five Pillars:
  • The One Health initiative recognizes a nexus connects our own individual health to that of the animals around us and our planet as a whole.
  • Our commitment to Innovative Cures captures our commitment to discover, develop and distribute vital therapeutics.
  • The Data Analytics Initiative recognizes the incredible amount of data generated and captured each day holds the potential to serve as the foundation for future innovation.
  • Our commitment to Resilient Communities seeks to create new approaches both to anticipate and constructively respond to constantly-changing challenges facing Long Island, New York and the world.
  • A focus upon scientific and biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship drives our commitment to The Future of Business.

Machine Learning for Medical Informatics

The Center for Research Innovation in Biotechnology is seeking interested students to help research opportunities for machine learning and artificial intelligence to support informatics research on experimental medicines. The Clinical Drug Experience Knowledgeable and The Center for Research Innovation in Biotechnology analyzes and archives scientific, medical, legal and business information pertaining to drug discovery, development, distribution and pricing. Student research may include (but is not limited to) projects to curate & automate scientific, medical and pricing information. Please contact Michael Kinch for more details.

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