Public Safety

Emergency Line: 718-488-1078

Emergency Medical Services

In the event of a medical emergency a Public Safety officer will be dispatched immediately to said location. Upon arrival Officer will assess the situation and determine if there is a need for EMS, if that is the case Officer will then contact the Public Safety Base by radio transmission who will then call 911.

If EMS is not needed Officer will escort the victim by wheelchair to the Health Services Department located at 175 Willoughby (across the street from the main Campus). In the event that sick/injured person refuses EMS or Health Services, they will be encouraged to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Other Services

The Department of Public Safety can also assist members of the Brooklyn Campus community in many non-emergency situations, from battery jump-starts to vehicle lockouts. Please call 718-488-1078 in these situations.

Lost and Found

The Department of Public Safety collects and catalogs items that are found and handed in to the department. If you have lost an item, you can call Public Safety at 718-488-1078 to check to see if the item has been handed in.

How to Report a Crime or other Emergency

  • Dial 55 from any campus phone or simply push the RED button on any yellow emergency phone to report a crime in progress and/or other emergency.
  • Respond directly to the Office of the Department of Public Safety located in the rear of the Metcalfe building.

On-Campus ext. 2222
Off-Campus ext. 516-299-2222