Public Safety

Emergency Line: 718-488-1078

Disclosure of Crime Statistics

Preparing the Annual Disclosure of Crime Statistics

The Department of Public Safety maintains daily, weekly and monthly statistics on all occurrences reported on campus and other mandated areas. These statistics are published annually by the Director of Public Safety, during the month of October.

Advisory Committee on Campus Security

Brooklyn’s Advisory Committee on Campus Security is composed of students, faculty and staff. The committee reviews current campus security procedures and makes recommendations for their improvement.

Crime Log

The Department of Public Safety maintains a daily campus crime log. The log records incident number, date of crime, time of occurrence, general location, and disposition if known. The Department must make these entries except where such disclosures are prohibited by law or would jeopardize the confidentiality of the victim. Said information may also be withheld if there was clear and convincing evidence that the release of the information would cause the suspect to flee or result in the destruction of evidence. The Department must disclose any information once the adverse affect described above is no longer likely to occur.

The crime log is accessible to public view for the most recent 60-day period during normal business hours. The institution will make available any portion of the log older than 60 days within two business days of a request for inspection.

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On-Campus: ext. 1078
Off-Campus: 718-488-1078

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