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Rebecca A. States

Professor of Physical Therapy

B.A. Psychology, Barnard CollegeM.A. Motor Control, Teachers College, Columbia UniversityPh.D. Psychology (Motor Control), Columbia University


A member of the Department of Physical Therapy since 1998, Dr. States' teaching focuses on the skills needed for evidence-based physical therapy practice, along with issues in neuroscience and motor control/learning.  She has done research on community-based group exercise for people with Parkinson disease, overground gait training for individuals with stroke, health promotion programs for older urban adults, and developing interdisciplinary teaching modules related to cancer prevention among older adults from minority backgrounds. Dr. States is also very active in faculty governance and the faculty union.  She is currently President of the Brooklyn Campus Faculty Senate and has served as an officer in the Long Island University Faculty Federation (faculty union), as Co-Chair of the Faculty Review Committee, and on numerous other campus-wide committees.  Dr. States lives in Queens with her husband and two children.


Community-based exercise for people with Parkinson’s disease and older adults, Research Methods, Neuroscience, Motor Learning & Motor Control


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[Invited Commentary solicited in reaction to the above article: Lewek, M. D.  (2009). Clinical point of view: The value of overground gait training for improving locomotion in individuals with chronic stroke.  Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy33, 187–189.]

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Elected President, Brooklyn Faculty Senate, 2011-2021

2009 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. Awarded to Long Island University – Brooklyn Campus by the Corporation for National and Community Service.  A description of the LIU/BPG Fitness Program for People with Parkinson’s Disease was one of several key elements in this application. 2/2010.

Elected Vice-President, Long Island University Faculty Federation, 2003-2009

National Grants

States, R. A., Nirenberg, A., Jones, S. C., Becker, E. A., Gorin, S. S., and Larson, E.  (7/1/2003-6/30/2006).  Cancer screening education for health care students.  Department of Health & Human Services, National Cancer Institute.  Sub-project in #2S1 U54 CA101388-01.  $274,622.

States, R. A. and Susman, W. M.  (7/1/2001 - 6/30/2004).  Interdisciplinary community based health education.  Department of Health & Human Services, Human Resources Services Administration, #1 D37 HP 00838-01.  $292,438.

Wright, C.E. and States, R.A.  (9/1/96 - 8/31/98).  Modeling speed-accuracy tradeoffs of aimed movements.  National Science Foundation, # SBR-9632058.  $106,892.


Annals of Neurology

Disability and Rehabilitation

Journal of Biomechanics

Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development

Psychological Review

Peer Review Panel Member, National Institute of Disabilities and Related Research Panel on Research

Standing Review Panel for Field Initiated Projects, National Institute of Disabilities and Related Research

Peer Review Panel Member, Quentin Burdick Rural Health Program, Bureau of Health Professions, Health Resources and Services Administration

Peer Reviewer, National Science Foundation, Human Cognition and Perception

Textbook: Foundations of Clinical Research, 4th Edition, Prentice Hall (May 2011).

Textbook: Foundations of Clinical Research, 3rd Edition, Prentice Hall (November 2007).

Textbook: Physical Therapy Research: Principles and Applications (2nd edition).  Saunders (December 2006).