Recent Doctoral Dissertations


Recent Doctoral Dissertations

Completed Ph.D. Dissertations, Academic Years 2017-20


Buckley, Jennifer J.

Exploring the role of trauma in women's substance use disorder treatment: A naturalistic study

Egan, Jessica D.

The role of internalized representations in the relationship between attachment and mindfulness

Pavlakos, Alina O.

Hungry for father: Perceived father presence and the psychological well-being, self-worth, and interpersonal functioning of young women

Ackerman, Annie C.

The impact of therapist-trainee attachment style on emotional reactions to difficult patients

Adams, Tristan

Adolescent decision making: The role of parenting styles and information processing on risk taking behavior

Belgiorno, Kathryn M.

The impact of therapist anger suppression on the relationship with difficult patients

Boussi, Ayelet R.

Numbness or social reconnection: The effects of rejection on behavior and the role of empathy, attachment, rejection sensitivity, and effortful control

Cull, Mary Beth

The impact of object relations, attachment and parental attitudes on women's and men's body shame

Dhingra, Niti

Early betrayal and its interpersonal manifestations in emerging adulthood

Eisenach, David

Alexander Reducing stereotype threat in psychological testing with a self-affirmation exercise

Fernando, Heshan J.

The role of executive functions in interpersonal relations and capacity for empathy

Ho, Scarlett Siu Man

Toward a psychoanalytic, social psychological understanding of identity integration

Jacobs, Jordana D.

Till death do us part: The effect of mortality salience on satisfaction in long-term romantic relationships

Labode, Vanessa Marie

Impulsivity as a moderator of the relationship between stressful life events and binge eating

Madan, Neeru

Shame, dissociation, and coping in intimate partner violence

McIntyre, Shannon L.

Therapeutic traits and the empathic process: Attachment, shame, fear, fantasy, personal distress, and expression recognition

Sargalska, Joanna M.

The role of language in eliciting transference: A Polish-English bilingual study

Zeng, Ruifan

The impact of age of epilepsy onset on patterns of neuropsychological functioning in a pediatric population


Benedetto, Amanda Gail

The lasting impact of interparental conflict, parental divorce and the parent-child bond on self-differentiation of offspring

Damian, Daniel T.

The relationship between early parental behavior, contextualized selves, self-relating patterns, and differentiation of self

Jo, Brian C.

It is me, not you (or so I think): Helplessness as a pathway to self-criticism and dependency in individuals with obsessive-compulsive personality features

Bellin, Elisheva S.

What Does Not Kill Us Makes Us Stronger. Attachment Insecurity, Dyadic Adjustment and the Myth of Posttraumatic Growth among Ex-POW’s

Cox, Heidi Christine

The Effects of Mindfulness and Relaxation on Social Bias and Prejudicial Behavior

Farber, Alexandra Elise Claire

Distress and Sleep during Adolescent Pregnancy: Association to Fetal Heart Rate Variability and Attachment Classification at 14 months

Grundleger, Alexandra Britt

Body Betrayed: Mediators between Childhood Sexual Trauma and Bulimia Symptomology

Mandelbaum, Olivia

“Just Do It” But Do It Right: Risk Taking and Self-Regulation in a Sample of Young Adults

Morel, Katie Michal Ostrager

Adolescent Female Aggression: Functions and Etiology

Mulay, Abby Lynn

Implicit Stigma and Offenders with Mental Illness: the Examination of a Computer-Based Intervention

Powers, Alisa Deborah

Delay of Gratification and Heart Rate Dynamic in Emerging Adult College Students

Reilly, Liam Bryant

Implicit and Explicit Dimension of Self-Compassion, Self-Esteem and Distress in a College Student Sample

Sasso, Scott B.  

Investigation of Pathological Narcissism, Rejection Sensitivity, and Conscious and Unconscious Affect Following a Behavioral Social Rejection

Tacopina, Stephanie Anne  

Further Understanding Manic Defenses: Hypomania and Threat-Reactivity

Talreja, Priyam M.

An Exploration of the Relationship between Coping Flexibility, Attachment, Differentiation of Self, and Emotion Recovery in the Context of Bereavement

Van Buren, Brian Robert

Moral Injury, PTSD, and Externalizing Behaviors in Combat Veterans: An Investigation of the Role of Shame

Wu, Olivia

The Capacity for the Human-Companion Animal Bond: Dissociation, History of Trauma, Personality Characteristics, and Attachment Styles


Foster, Kevin

Racial Microaggressions: The Impact on Black Americans' Development of Psychiatric Symptoms, Interpersonal Problems, and the Buffering Properties of Differentiations of Self

Ngo, Josephine

Self-Compassion in the Face of Racism: Coping with Racial Discrimination, Psychological Distress and Interpersonal Shame in Asian Americans

Poole, James

Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming: An Interpersonal Exploration

Schiek-Gamble, Caroline

Maternal Perception of Difficult Infant Temperament, Maternal Facial Affect and Self-Contingency, and Infant Attachment Behaviors

Chavez, Jorge M.

Pathological versus Healthy Narcissism and Facebook Use

Haag, Joshua

Mediating and Moderating Effects of Self-Compassion and Empathy on the Relationship between Attachment, Introjective and Anaclitic Depression

Jameson, Stephanie

The Differential Impact of Interpersonal and Betrayal Trauma on Emotional Responses to Rejection: An Experiment using Cyberball

Mannix, Katherine Eaton

Narcissism and the Threat of Interpersonal Dependency

Brown, Marie Christine

Psychosis-Like Experiences in the Non-Clinical Population:  The Role of Affective Processing

Calderon, Solara Cecile

The Effects of Early Parental Death and Grief On Interpersonal Functioning and Alexithymia In Adults

Diamond, Rachel B.

The Effects Of A Community-Based Online Mindfulness Program: A Randomized, Controlled Trial

Formal, Adam G.

Differentiation of Self: The Impact of Upbringing on Motivation, Self-Discrepancy, Self-Concept, and Risky Behaviors

Foss, Sophie

Maternal Childhood Adversity and Infant Cognitive Development in Adolescent Mother-Infant Dyads

George, Anitta

The impact of Immigration on Identity, culture, and mental Health of Asian Indians

Hartz, Andrew Markson

Embodied Associations Beyond The Rorschach: Color, Emotion, And Personality

Jadanova, Anna Alexandra

Healing after Trauma: A Study of Dynamic Factors that Maintain Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Judes, Daniel

Interpersonal Strength, Counseling Self-Efficacy, Clinical Experience, and Self-Care in Psychotherapy: Ecological Momentary Assessment of Psychotherapists' Emotional Reactions to Perceived Patient Affect

Kelly, Elspeth Hayden

The Impact of Trauma and Disrupted Anxiety Buffer Defenses on Alcohol Cravings and Alcohol Thought Accessibility

Sicilia, Monica Alicia

Cumulative Maltreatment, Object Relations and Symptomatology: An Exploration Rorschach Investigation

Springer, Kathleen Claire

Relational Functioning and PTSD in Female U.S. Army Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans: A Longitudinal Study of Interpersonal Risk and Protective Factors

Teitelbaum, Jonah Romain

Clarity in Social Perception: The Role of Mindfulness in Transference, Empathy, and Interpersonal Functioning


Scaturro, Crista

Visible Women, Invisible Costs: Internalization of Stranger Harassment

Coury, Mark Jacob

Experiences of Social Rejection in Psychopathy and Narcissism

DeSeve, Allison J.

Self-Concealment, Ambivalence, and Illusory Mental Health

Fernandez, Nicolas

Social-Emotional Learning: The Role Personality Characteristics and Non-Cognitive Attributes in Adolescent Academic Performance and Well-Being

Guarino, Christopher Edward

Exploring Attachment Security As A Relational Need In The Context Of Gender-Specific System Justification

Ice, Megan Claire

Childhood Emotional Neglect and Dissociation: The Mediating Roles of Mental State Identification, Alexithymia, and Self-Concept Clarity

Lerner, Emilie Lauren

From Childhood Trauma to Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms and

Interpersonal Distress: The Role of Implicit Self-Worth

Matouk, Kareen

Ego Identity Foreclosure And Sexual Identity Exploration:  The Influence of Middle Eastern Culture, Attachment, and Religiosity

Moore, Annabelle Caroline

For Better or For Worse: The Relationship Between PTSD, Interpersonal Patterns, and Marital Satisfaction in Military Couples

Mounsey, Thomas Philip

Relationship Commitment, Borderline Personality Pathology, and Terror Management

Neumann, Zachary Broderick

Multiple Pathways to Depression: Depressive Experience, Depressive Symptoms, and the Role of Implicit Processing

Raeifar, Elmira

The Intrapsychic Interpersonal Situation of Mothers and Adult Daughters: Introjects and Interpersonal Problems

Rimsky, Liza

Trait Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, and Relationship Satisfaction in Daily Life

Siciliano, Francesco Baldassare

It Gets Better...Or Does It? Predicting And Preventing Sexual Objectification Among Gay Men

Thurnauer, Halle Marie

The Role of Mentalization Strategy in the Relationship between Theory of Mind and Schizotypy